Winter Skin Saviours

by in Skin Care May 28, 2018

Winter Skin Saviours – Organic beauty products to beat the Winter blues.

No one likes dry skin or wrinkles, and with the change in weather, with harsh cold winds, exposure to overheated rooms and heaters, skin can become dry, itchy and cracked. Wintertime can be unusually harsh on your complexion.

Now that Winter is here, it’s essential to keep your skin hydrated!

Supercharge your skin’s hydration levels with our selection of organic beauty products that will provide extra care for your skin during the winter months. Restoring moisture, protecting your skin from the harsh elements and counteract the drying and dehydrating effects of winter.

We have put together our favourite products that we are obsessed with, that will keep your skin in tip-top condition over the next three months. Our products are hydrating, restoring, useful and perfect to cheer up the Winter blues.

Read on to find out more about our best winter skin saviours for you.

Winter Skin Saviours

Siam Seas YEN Heal and Hydrate Toner – suitable for all skin types.

We loved this special skin treat; Yen is a stunning product. It’s more than being “just” a toner. This toner is unlike any we have ever tried. The smell, the texture makes it truly an experience. Yen is like a toner and serum in one. Chock full of gorgeous organic, wildcrafted and hexane-free extracts, this is one of the cleanest complex toners we have seen on the market.

Yen has a very grounding effect, and the scent is lightly sweet, rich and floral. With Cucumber, Peony, Frankincense, Champaca, Jasmine, Ginger Lily, Vanilla and Rose Geranium. It feels calming and soothing to the skin.

Yen is designed to hydrate, heal and protect, it is packed with 27 botanical extracts to infuse skin with potent antioxidants ( Goji and Gingko ) and super hydrating Aloe Vera, Geranium, Cucumber, Lavender and Chamomile hydrosols. It contains nourishing oils of Raspberry, Prickly pear, Grapeseed, Pomegranate and Sacha Inchi. The formula also contains mushroom proteins. These proteins leave a gel-like consistency on the skin that helps with skin elasticity and protects the skin against moisture loss.

If we described this in one word, it would be – divine.

Nudus Lipsticks.

We are very picky when it comes to lipsticks. We can’t stand a drying lipstick, especially in the Winter. Nudus lipsticks are hydrating, nourishing, and come in a gorgeous array of colours.
They combine bio-active ancient Ayurvedic colours and extracts made from flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals with organic cold pressed oils including pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan, and moringa. Nūdus “lip Euphoria.” Beautiful modern fashion colours, they have great staying power, also a lip treatment that keeps your lips soft, creamy and moist.

Mokosh Pure Face Body Cream.

Fragrance-free and ideal for sensitive skin, it is a blessing for winter skin. Mokosh Pure Face Body Cream is a concentrated, versatile cream, made with a blend of nourishing unrefined shea butter and a range of healing oils including camellia, baobab, sesame, hemp, coconut, and macadamia. Rich in anti-inflammatories and anti-oxidants, this blend protects and nourishes the skin. It’s perfect for dry, itchy, or just plain unhappy winter skin.

Annmarie Sun Love.

Sun protection is not just for summer. You should include sun protection into your beauty regime at any time of year. Annmarie Sun Love is our favourite for sun protection for all skin types. This natural BB cream is lightly tinted. It’s hydrating, infused with antioxidants, and offers powerful plant protection from environmental stressors. It feels great and glides on smoothly for smooth, flawless coverage. The texture makes it easy to use with makeup and other skincare products. It absorbs into the skin well, leaving your skin feeling silky.

Blissoma Lavish Mask.

This ultra-rich, thick mask is made from 18 active ingredients to combat dry, irritated, and stressed skin. The Lavish Mask is 100% natural and infused with healing oils, Oatmilk, and Cupuacu Butter. The ‘Beta-glucan’ part comes from the immune-boosting natural sugars present in mushrooms and oats. Beta-glucan acts as an effective anti-inflammatory, healing, and anti-aging ingredient. This mask is a powerful product for dry and irritated winter skin. The active ingredient that creates all the magical properties in this cream is a yeast-derived beta glucan which supports the skin’s natural defense system and improves repair capabilities. The cream itself has almost a soufflé texture but feels wonderfully light and velvety on the skin.

Summer Love Scrub.

Dead skin, be gone. Summer Love Scrub will leave your skin feeling fresh, clean and silky clean. It is gentle to use on your face, and it has an excellent coffee smell. Summer Love Scrub is an affordable and excellent quality scrub using only 100% natural ingredients; cold pressed macadamia and rosehip oils. With real Lavender essential oil. Be sure to moisturise skin after exfoliating and your winter skin thank you.

Metta Coconut Lip Balm.

Metta Coconut Lip Balm is so hydrating; it makes it perfect for your winter pout. A truly natural lip balm with a luscious difference. Metta Coconut Lip balm will keep your lips looking healthy and tasty too. Only the finest super-protective oils have been hand blended into our sultry smooth, vegan organic lip balm, a beautiful protective blend of Jojoba, Sweet almond oil, Coconut oil, Cocoa butter, and Calendula. With the divine smell of cocoa butter ( tastes YUMMY) and the signature lavender scent; lavender is a great healer due to its antibacterial properties. Its consistency is not too heavy, and it absorbs very well and glides on nicely onto your lips, making your lips feeling soft and comfortable. Metta Coconut Lip Balm will moisten and nourish dry lips, giving protection in all weather and UV conditions from the tropical sun through to winter chills. It’s also free from beeswax and petroleum-derived ingredients.

Aeos Gentle Cleansing Lotion Blue/Pink.

This comforting beauty elixir will give your skin the TLC it needs during the cold months. Ultra-hydrating with soothing Argan oil that is skin healing and soothing with anti-aging properties.

Mokosh Rich Face Cream – ideal for dry and mature skin types.

This intensely hydrating moisturizer absorbs quickly and protects all day. Mokosh Rich Face cream is an award-winning face cream that contains moisture-locking oils and butters of shea, jojoba oil, macadamia, rosehip and the beautiful avocado oil. Avocado oil tops the list in healing and repairing damaged skin, great to use for scars. Rosehip seed oil has been shown to prevent wrinkles and is a beautiful organic oil to use to help fade scars after surgery, acne scarring and burn injuries. It is also useful in treating age spots. This luxurious face cream is ideal for dry and mature skin types. Perfect for skin that needs extra hydration to protect it from the harsh elements and premature aging.
Protect your skin from harm and nourish it with this rich superfood-packed moisturizer.

Lepaar Luminious Beauty Balm.

Colder winter weather can cause the skin to become red and irritated, as well as chapped lips and eczema. Prevent such conditions when out and about, or skiing this winter, with this weather protector Lepaar Luminous Beauty Balm. This beeswax-based Beauty Balm is a version of Lepaar hero Precious Face Oil composition. A precious, sun-infused blend of 13 mostly certified biodynamic, organic and wildcrafted botanicals, mindfully selected for their regenerating, age-proofing, moisturising, bioactive hormone balancing properties. A symphony of exquisite quality and rare ingredients rich in naturally preserving antioxidants, grown in pristine environments, some with a medicinal and age-proofing history dating back thousands of years. For women and men of all skin types. Specially formulated for active women + men who prefer balms to oils.

Blissoma Peace Evening Facial Creme – ideal for normal and sensitive skin.

Our other top pick moisturizer is this one. Peace facial crème is a superb, anti-inflammatory, herbal calming treatment for all skin types. Restore and heal your skin while you sleep with the help of a boost of herbs, minerals and superfood oils. With natural miracles of Acai oil, Organic Gingko, Comfrey and German Chamomile. We love the relaxing, pleasant scent, it is lightweight, and it is so soothing. Peace will quench your skin’s thirst, protect from free radicals, age and the effects of winter. Wake up to soft, velvety skin.

Annmarie Coconut Body Oil.

There is nothing more nourishing than natural body oils. Use them as a massage or bath oil; they are fast absorbing and brilliant to use to prevent your skin looking scaly and feeling dry. If you are a coconut fan, you will love this one from Annmarie. Annmarie Coconut Body Oil is infused with nutrient-rich herbs to nourish and soften your skin, with heart-centered and calming essential oils. Annmarie Coconut Body Oil is also beautiful to use to repair dry, damaged hair as a leave-in conditioner for restoring shine and softness.

Annmarie Coconut Honey Mask.

Regularly treat your skin to a moisture mask to help keep it hydrated and radiant; this will diminish the appearance of fine lines. Not only is this a decadent facial mask, but this product is also a must for beautiful soft feet. Slather this on your feet and give your feet a luxury foot soak. Honey is ideal for applying to dry, gently cracked heels, it speeds up healing and binds moisture to your skin. For deep hydration for your skin, hug your skin a soft, comforting mask.

Blissoma Glow Good Earth Exfoliant Powder.

Dehydrated skin cells turn over more slowly, causing a buildup of dead skin, which can look dull and flaky. Be sure to exfoliate more regularly with a gentle, natural exfoliant such as our Blissoma Glow. Blissoma Glow is our top pick in boosting radiance in your skin.

Annmarie Radiant Silk Body Lotion.

Annmarie Radiant Silk Body Lotion is super hydrating, radiant silk body lotion promotes skin elasticity and penetrates deep into your skin. Deliciously scented with rosewood and frankincense, it is pure luxury for your skin. Body lotion will leave your skin feeling baby soft. Massage into your body after a bath or shower.

Organic serums.

If your moisturiser is no longer cutting it; boost your moisture levels with oil or serum. Natural hyaluronic acid is real moisture magnet to look out for, helping skin retain hydration levels.

Our top winter power players are Blissoma Restore Healing Oil Serum and the Mokosh Elderberry Chia Seed Serum. These are exquisitely nourishing and beautifully light. With antioxidant boosting nutrients and enzyme-rich living botanical oils. These deliver powerful healing directly into your skin, with essential fatty acids and omegas 3.6.7 and 9 to hydrate and firm your skin. These are winter gemstones, with age revitalising ingredients of Sea Buckthorn, Hemp, and Tamanu oils.

Synthesis Replenish Eye Cream.

Don’t forget to care for you; fine lines are a visible sign of dehydration in the delicate eye area. Dark circles are also more common in winter months when our vitamin D levels are more deficient. We love the Synthesis Replenish and Synthesis Hydrate Eye Gel for their anti-aging benefits. Their Hyaluronic Acid is sourced from a plant-based bio-ferment process; it is the purest and a vegan form. Retains 1000 times its weight in moisture to give the eye area an intense rehydration boost and helps to restore the delicate skin around the eye’s barrier function. Also stimulating collagen production to give a “saggy” devitalised eye area some youthful life back!

So here we are, beautiful winter skin saviours to keep your skin protected and hydrated. Get your skin winter ready by picking up some products from our online store. Free delivery on all orders over $50.00 in Australia.

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