Wildcrafted Beauty

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Wildcrafted Beauty

Wildcrafted Beauty ingredients are hand-picked (foraged) from plants and herbs from their natural, or wild habitat. Wildcrafted ingredients use no commercial farming methods. They are plants that are hearty, vibrant, and full of skin-nourishing nutrients. Although they cannot be labeled organic, they are, in essence, the most organically grown ingredients.

Only wildcrafted plants grown in pristine environments are truly chemical-free. Free from pesticides and pollution.

Wildcrafted harvesting involves ethical considerations.

To protect, to be done sustainably, and with respect. It is crucial not to take more than the habitat can support and protect at-risk species.

Ingredients need to come from healthy land. Not near areas where plants have been exposed to toxic pollutants and pesticides. Wildcrafting is with a minimal footprint, making sure that there is no interference, e.g., with any wildlife foraging in the area. Wildcrafting is about replanting areas harvested from “a commitment to deepen your connection to the natural environment and take responsibility for its regeneration.”

Why do we love Wildcrafted Beauty Ingredients?

There are many advantages to using wildcrafted ingredients in skincare.

Wildcrafted Beauty Ingredients endure drought, flood, insect and animal predation, and compete with weeds. Unlike commercially or organically grown plants, wildcrafted plants are entirely on their own. Wildcrafted plants have developed strategies to fight off insects and to handle changing environmental conditions to help ensure their survival. Once harvested, they typically offer more in terms of health benefits and nutrients.

Provide supercharged antioxidants to protect and nourish our skin. One of the critical benefits of wildcrafted ingredients is that they are found growing in some of the most remote and untouched parts of the world. Due to their exposure to harsh environmental conditions, to survive that develop more efficient self-defense mechanisms.

Wildcrafted botanicals are grown in their ideal natural habitat, which enhances the energetic qualities of their therapeutic potential.

They are of the highest purity and toxin-free. Since wildcrafted botanicals grow in their natural protected environment, they are grown organically without using pesticides, chemicals, or fertilizers.

Our brands that source wildcrafted botanicals are committed to empowering growers and supporting indigenous communities.

Wildcrafted Beauty Brands at Natural Beauty Collection

Wildcrafted Organics

Wildcrafted Organics have some amazingly wild-crafted ingredients in their product range, including Wild orange, Murumura Butters, Jasminum sambas absolute, Theobroma cacao extract, and Organic Wildflower Honey.

For many generations, Kakadu Plum has been used by Indigenous Australian People in the Northern Territories for food and traditional medicine. It is proven to contain the highest naturally occurring vitamin C levels in the world – 3150mg/100g of the fruit, compared with Rosehip (2000mg/100g), and oranges (50mg/100g). When applied topically, vitamin C plays an essential role in the body’s collagen production, thus promoting supple, youthful-looking skin. The Southern Cross University has studied the extract wildcrafted use in NSW, Australia, and due to the unique extraction process, it is proven to contain more stable levels of vitamin C over a more extended time (compared to those currently on the market). This ensures higher potency of vitamin C resulting in a far superior end product.

Annemarie Skin Care

Annemarie Skin Care incorporates wild harvested Kakadu plum into its Wild Fruit Serum.

The Anti-Aging Serum uses wild harvested Jasmine sambac absolute, and Gotu Kola leaves to help soothe, hydrate, and protect skin from environmental stressors. Annmarie Anti-aging facial oil is terrific for keeping skin extra soft and smooth. Goji berry, Chia, and Broccoli seed oils are infused with foraged herbs.

Wildcrafted Honey is loaded with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and natural enzymes. Raw Honey is a known skin healer stimulating tissue growth, and minimizing scar formation. It also contains alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs increase elasticity, balance oily skin, stimulate collagen production, and reduce fine lines. A natural humectant also draws water to the surface resulting in plump, hydrated skin.

Using wildcrafted actives in skincare brings clean green beauty to a whole new level. Wildcrafted ingredients are the strongest and healthiest without the risk of pesticides. They are using a combination of certified organic and wildcrafted ingredients in our skincare and Superfeast medicinal mushrooms and tonics and the purest and active ingredients to use from nature.



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