The problem with Synthetic Fragrances

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None of our products at Natural Beauty Collection contain synthetic fragrances; all fragrances are from natural sources.

Being a business that retails organic beauty products, we have a high ethical standard for the beauty industry. We do not and will never promote the use of any synthetic fragrances in any of our skin care, body care, and perfumes. We only choose certified organic or wildcrafted essential oils that are unadulterated. You will not find any fragrance oils in any of our scented products.

Fragrance, yes they make your products smell gorgeous, but did you know that many of our personal care products are full of “fragrance” chemicals?  Found in your laundry powder, dishwashing detergent, soaps, cleaners, deodorants, scented candles and air fresheners. Chemical aromas are used exclusively in almost all commercial fragrances, whether they are budget buys or high end niche perfumes.These adulterated fragrances are designed to mimic the smell of natural extracts, and they are certainly not natural. 95% of chemicals used in Synthetic Fragrances are derived from petroleum by-products, benzene, aldehydes and toluene.The International Fragrance Association has stated that the average perfume can contain over 100 ingredients, and there are nearly 3000 ingredients on the list of potential fragrance ingredients.

So what is wrong with Synthetic Fragrances?

We often receive emails form customers who are affected by synthetic fragrances. With symptoms of headaches, migraines, dizziness, sore eyes, irritation to their noses, throat and nausea. So they come to us looking for organic beauty products that do not contain synthetic aromas as they are allergic.

Synthetic fragrances are known to have many side effects on health such as allergies, hormone disruption, metabolic disease, thyroid problems, birth defects and the potential for triggering cancer. Synthetic masks include side effects of endocrine disruption, organic system toxicity and reproductive toxicity.

Phthalates that are used to extend the fragrance so it lasts longer on the skin. They have been implicated with a wide range of health issues also.

A recent study from the University of Melbourne discovered that 7.7 per cent of Australians said they had lost workdays or a job in the past year due to illness caused by fragranced products in the workplace, and 11.6 per cent of Australians are unable to use a public toilet if there is an air freshener.The University of Melbourne study also found that one in three Australians report health problems, including migraine headaches and asthma attacks, when they are exposed to common fragranced consumer products.

How to avoid Synthetic Fragrances and sourcing truly natural options.

There are truly natural options available. Enjoy the wonderful benefits of scent in your home and with your personal care products. If you are sensitive, just keep in mind that botanical extracts can also cause reactions in some people. Our organic beauty products are formulated without synthetic fragrances. We utilise certified organic essential oils that also provide aromatherapy benefits for your health and wellbeing.

One important aspect of our beautiful organic beauty products is how the product ‘smells’ which makes it pleasurable to use. You open the bottle and inhale deeply. Read about our favourite Aromatherapy essential oils that are in your organic skin care. Read more HERE

Follow these tips, and choose brands that only use natural methods for creating scent in their products.

1. Read labels  Avoid those products that list “fragrance” in the ingredient list, or ask the manufacturer of that product on what their source of fragrance is. Certified organic products should not contain synthetic fragrances.

2. You can choose only “unscented” and “fragrance-free” products.  BUT read the label carefully and ask questions to make sure that the product is truly not using another chemical to mask the scent.

3. Shop for brands that are conscious and transparent about the fragrances they are using.

4. Look for scents that are naturally derived or plant-based. Always look for REAL essential oils, not fragrance oils.Essential oils and isolates come from botanical ingredients such as flowers, fruits, seeds, bark, leaves, wood and other natural raw materials. They may cost more, and the scent especially with a natural perfume may only last a couple of hours after each application.

5. Choose Beeswax candles and have indoor purifying plants to reduce pollutants in your home.

6. Choose fragrance free laundry powder and dish washing formulas.

7  Avoid artificial air fresheners  and room mists. Invest in having an aromatherapy diffuser or have a look at our Dindi Naturals Reed diffusers and room mists.

We would like to share with you some delicious inviting aromas in your home. They smell divine and will always leave a good first impression for your guests and family. Products that are eco-friendly, green, non-toxic and not tested on animals. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just want a clean and fresh smelling home to come back to after a long day at work. Read more HERE

Do you avoid synthetic fragrances? Please share with us on any tips you may have.

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