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Skin Cleansing Oils – Growing up as a teenager, I was taught that oil was the enemy, and to keep my skin oil-free and hopefully, pimple-free was to scrub out pimples and dry up oil by vigorously cleansing my face with soap, harsh foaming cleansers, and harsh exfoliants.

The skin care ingredient we’ve feared most of our lives can actually transform our skin. We know that oils rich in essential fatty acids are required in our daily diet to keep our bodies healthy. The right organic cleansing oils are also necessary to keep your skin healthy and to maintain an effective environmental protective barrier on your skin. To keep our skin resilient and to slow down the formation of wrinkles it is important in having a healthy lipid barrier which prevents dehydration and retains skin moisture. With oily and acne skin, harsh scrubs, soaps, and other drastic treatments strip off the protective lipid layer which aggravates blemishes as your skin produces more oil. Topical applications of fatty acids re-establishes the lipid barrier, breaks up congestion and gently exfoliates your skin.

Oil is a healthy secretion that helps lubricate the skin. But when hormones, stress or over-cleansing cause pores to produce too much, this oil can become infused with bacteria, clog pores which cause acne. So ditch these harsh cleansers and incorporate skin cleansing oils into your daily skin care regime. Your skin will thank you for making the change, and you will experience a noticeable healthy glow.

Choose the best organic skin cleansing oils.

There are a couple of factors to consider when choosing the best, organic cleansing oils. Whether you create home remedies or find a favourite company offering oil-based organic skin care, look carefully at the list of skin care oils that are used. One key factor to look at is the method of extraction, with cold-pressed, steam distilled or CO2-extracted oils being preferable to solvent-extracted oils. Skincare oils should be selected according to their therapeutic properties. Some oils like Carrot seed, Helichrysum, and Hemp Seed Oil have known anti-aging, skin rejuvenating properties, while others like Castor seed oil and Grape Seed Oil are beneficial for acne prone skin. Also enjoy the therapeutic and aroma benefits of essential oils such as Palmarosa, Frankincense, and Calendula.

Why use an oil cleanser?

There is nothing more powerful than cleansing your skin with oils. Why?
Because what we are doing in a cleansing process, is removing the debris of the day: powders and dirt particles from the environment that mixes with our own sebum and create a toxic build up within our pores. We can remove this oily build up either by adding surfactant agents that leave our skin dry out, aggravated and stripped of any natural resources to protect it or by utilizing oils. Oil cleansers soften the debris within the pores naturally and draw them virtually out so they can be gently removed from the skin without stripping our skin of any natural vital resources. Opposite to popular belief, organic cleansing oils will leave your skin dry, non-greasy and with a surprising sense of clean well-functioning skin.

Here are our star picks of organic skin cleansing oils.

Aeos cleansing oil de maq – A luxurious ritual, great for dehydrated, dry skin types.

This is rich and moisturizing, great texture, soft and gentle.
The amazing scent is luxurious and it works wonders with removing makeup and gives your lashes a little treatment too. Your skin will feel deeply cleaned and will feel oh! So soft.
An elegant product and we love this skin cleansing oil. Aeos, the ultimate facial holistic treat, is luxurious decadent and gives dramatic results. It even makes you feel good from the incredible heavenly smells.

Do yourself a flavour a check this out… You will not be disappointed

Siam Seas Morning Delight  – suitable for all skin types, especially Acne-prone, reactive and oily skin.

Oil based, super viscous with swirls of hexane free Plumeria essential oil. With anti-inflammatory and antibacterials, alongside traditional healers like Sompoy, Mangosteen, Garlic, Onion and more. Exfoliating enzymes from Papaya and Aspen Bark work to clear congestion and slough off dead cells revealing glowing new layers of clear skin. High Linoleic oil deeply cleans and nourish acne prone, congested and dull skin.

The consistency of Morning Delight is super thick, and it grabs on to dirt, makeup, sunscreen and removes dead skin. It removes makeup like a dream without irritating the eyes. Once you add warm water, it washes off easily without any residue. Competent enough to take off makeup this can be used alone or followed up with a gentle cleanser. Personally, we found that using this leaves our skin moisturised, clean and fresh. No need for a washcloth with this one. We use this morning and first cleanse at night.

Now the smell. Citrus, mature, floral, exotic and vibrant.

Blissoma Free Rejuvenating Gel Cleanser and Makeup Remover – suitable for normal, combination, oily and sensitive skin types.

This is more like a gel than an oil cleanser, but it is so efficient to use as a makeup remover. An award-winning,100% natural, restorative gel cleanser to melt away all types of makeup and impurities, leaving the skin nourished and clean. With balanced gel herbs, soapbark, and gentle organic oils, it cleanses very thoroughly and is incredibly gentle. Its non-greasy texture leaves skin feeling comfortable, never tight or with an oily residue. It has no scents at all, no ethyl alcohol (grain alcohol), gluten, or nut ingredients. If you have a really reactive skin then this cleanser is suitable for you.

How to use your skin cleansing oils.

Apply your cleanser to a dry face. Massage into your skin and use liberally across problem areas. You can allow the oil to penetrate into your pores by resting a warm soft facial cloth onto your face for 30 seconds. But if you have more time, jump in the shower or bath, and let the steam open up your pores. Use a warm face cloth to remove the oil from your face. Repeat to remove your eye makeup. Apply your night organic serum or night time treatment.

We love the massage ritual at the end of the day and letting these yummy ingredients soak into our skin, removing all makeup and build up from the day. Your skin will feel deeply cleansed, amazingly soft and supple.

Try these organic cleansers, and let us know what you think.

Are you a fan of the oil cleansing method? Which organic skin cleansing oils do you like to use?

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