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Siam Seas Review – With great pleasure, we are thrilled to bits to have this fantastic skin brand available for you.

Supadra kindly gave us full-size products of her beautiful range to a trail, and these certainly did not disappoint.

I have mature skin with sun damage, Sarah has acne-prone skin where she experiences hormonal issues from time to time and Kim has sensitive, reactive skin. After two weeks, the results we experienced where fantastic.

Read more as we review each of her products for you.

Siam Seas Review – Siam Seas Ingredients.

Siam Seas is another green beauty skincare line that stands out. This line ( and with all of our organic skincare brands ) focuses on creating a ritual with the sacred art of self-care in cultivating skin TLC. Take a step back, to indulge in the aromas and spa ritual, being present and enjoying the moments we have in taking exceptional care of our skin.


Siam Seas is formulated by founder Supadra Geronimo, living in Thailand. Her skincare handcrafted, with over 90% of indigenous ingredients, is used to heal skin efficiently. Her formulas respect healing methods such as Ayurveda, South East Asian, and Chinese alternative medicine. Ancient remedies that have been passed down by her grandmother. Recipes made consciously and carefully.


Supadra’s line focuses on the super sensitive skin. Ingredients carefully picked from organic, and locally harvested wildcrafted sources, that do not congest sensitive, problematic skins. The ingredients nourish, heal and hydrate your skin

Wow, the ingredient listings – chock full of incredible ingredients for your skin. I could not wait to try their creations. The ingredient listings are mind-blowing, with new unique botanicals that I had to research to find out what they were. Rich sensory essential oils and other unique, clean ingredients for your skin. If you haven’t already, please take a minute and read the label.

Siam Seas Review of Supadra’s products.

Our Siam Seas Review on the Morning Delight Cleanser.

Suitable for all skin types.

Oil-based, super viscous with swirls of Plumeria essential oil. Oil Cleansing at its best. The Plumeria essential oil is hexane-free.

With anti-inflammatory and antibacterials, alongside traditional healers like Sompoy, Mangosteen, Garlic, Onion, and more. Exfoliating enzymes from Papaya and Aspen Bark work to clear congestion and slough off dead cells revealing glowing new layers of clear skin. High linoleic oil profoundly cleanses and nourishes acne-prone, congested, and dull skin.

The consistency of Morning Delight is super thick, and it grabs on to dirt, makeup, sunscreen, and removes dead skin. It removes makeup like a dream without irritating the eyes. Once you add warm water, it washes off easily without any residue. Competent enough to take off makeup, this can be used alone or followed up with a gentle cleanser. We found that using this leaves our skin moisturized, clean, and fresh. No need for a washcloth with this one. We use this morning and first cleanse at night.

Now the smell. Citrus, mature, floral, exotic, and vibrant.

Our Siam Seas Review on Mekha Cleansing Balm.

Suitable for all skin types, especially acne-prone and troubled skin.

I think we were one of the lucky first ones to trail Supadra’s new formula. Formulated with raw, refined butters, pure plant oils, and sweet unsprayed raw honey infused with propolis and pollen. Breathe deeply and take your time to massage thoroughly with this one. Wipe off the cleansing balm with a warm cloth. It has an incredibly refreshing scent ( so soothing and uplifting ). It is a cleanser and exfoliator in one and gentle to use as your second cleanse. Mekha removes excess sebum, deep-seated impurities, and provides deep enzymatic cleansing. Highly suitable for inflamed troubled skin. I found that I could use this cleansing balm on my mature skin.

Twice a week, switch it up and use this as a mask (you can combine it with the Purifying Herbal Mask) and leave it onto your skin for 30-45 minutes, and it gives your face an even, radiant glow. Follow it with the Siam Seas Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum and watch the magic!

Our Siam Seas review on YEN Heal and Hydrate Toner.

Suitable for all skin types.

We loved this special skin treat; Yen is a stunning product. It’s more than being “just” a toner. This toner is unlike any we have ever tried. Sarah found that it was the perfect light moisturizer for her to use during the day. The smell, the texture makes it truly an experience. Yen is like a toner and serum in one. Chock full of gorgeous organic, wildcrafted, and hexane-free extracts, this is one of the cleanest complex toners we have seen on the market.

Yen has a very grounding effect, and the scent is lightly sweet, creamy, and floral. With Cucumber, Peony, Frankincense, Champaca, Jasmine, Ginger Lily, Vanilla, and Rose Geranium. It feels calming and soothing to the skin.

Yen is designed to hydrate, heal, and protect, and it is packed with 27 botanical extracts to infuse skin with potent antioxidants ( Goji and Gingko ). Super hydrating Aloe Vera, Geranium, Cucumber, Lavender, and Chamomile hydrosols. It contains nourishing oils of Raspberry, Prickly pear, Grapeseed, Pomegranate, and Sacha Inchi. The formula also contains mushroom proteins. These proteins leave a gel-like consistency on the skin that helps with skin elasticity and protects the skin against moisture loss.

Always shake the bottle before each application. Spray three or four pumps in the palm of your hand and gently press into your skin. Because of the formula, we think that it is not suitable as a makeup setting spray.

If we described this in one word, it would be – divine.

Siam Seas Review on Twilight BeCalm Skin serum.

Healing, calming inflammation, regenerative, anti-aging.

BeCalm is a fantastic and life-changing product. For nightly use, that’s ideal for the reactive or acne-prone skin with gorgeous oils of Black Cumin Seed, Pracaxi, Babassu, and Tamanu Oil.

There are three fantastic ingredients in this one that caught my attention. Sappan Wood, which promotes blood circulation, is a powerful antibacterial, inhibits melanin synthesis which lessens the darkening of scars, heals cuts and damaged skin (acne). Clinacanthus nutans – a very strong anti-toxin and anti-inflammatory. Such a powerful herb that In Thailand, the primary use of this plant is to treat snakebites and extreme rashes like herpes as it neutralizes toxins from wounds. Moth Bean which is a potent natural Retinol. Retinol is proven to be useful in anti-aging and improves the appearance of acne-prone skin. Moth Bean is my go-to as an equally valid natural alternative to synthetic Retinol to boost collagen production to help you maintain a youthful complexion.

The serum is intensely hydrating, brightening, soothing, cell-regenerating, and just oh so beautiful. It’s a beneficial anti-inflammatory and a healing potion, and we love it. Sarah appreciated using this during her hormonal acne flare-ups. It does a beautiful job of calming the skin and speeding up the healing process.

We recommend using this only at night. Because of the consistency, you have to shake it before use and then apply a couple of drops on top after the Elements balm then massage it in.

Lovely Scent – With Ylang Ylang, Lavender, Neroli, Bulgarian and Rosa Damascena, and Orange.

Our Siam Seas Review on Elements Beauty Balm.

Suitable for all skin types.

We love the texture, the scent, the colour, and most of all, how it hydrates, brightens, refines pores and nourishes without leaving a greasy feel. The girls found that it did not clog their pores and provide relief with their acne-prone and reactive, sensitive skins. Siam Seas Elements Beauty Balm has been carefully formulated with reactive, easily congested skin in mind to heal while replenishing hydration for the skin to glow beautifully. My mature skin drank this. I use only a tiny bit at night to keep my skin moisturized and calm. The next morning my skin is extra soft and glowing.

The Elements Balm is Supadra’s holy grail product, formulated to address the uneven dark acne scars that would have previously taken months to fade. It helps brighten and even skin tone while delivering nutrients and hydration to the skin. One of the star ingredients is Lakoocha extract, an antioxidant-rich in Vitamin C and Oxyresveratrol that helps correct your skin tone and restore a bright, youthful complexion. The other botanicals work hard to neutralize toxins, protect your skin against free radical damage, and inhibits melanin production.

The forest green balm also provides therapeutic aromatherapy with a grounding herbal scent that gradually dissipates to leave behind the sweet aroma of jasmine. It luxuriously melts with the touch of your fingertips to a soft, silky fluid that absorbs into the skin.

Sarah preferred to use this balm sparingly over her troubled spots and found the combination of the Siam Seas Twilight BeCalm Skin Serum and the Elements Beauty Balm a little rich for her skin. See how you go with your acne skin, you may prefer to alternate them, depending on how dehydrated your skin is.

Sai Clear Skin Serum.

Suitable for all skin types, eczema, and active acne.

Wow! this is brilliant to use, especially beneficial for photoaging and brightening post-acne marks and hyperpigmentation. With concentrated over 90% active ingredients. Antioxidant protectors, anti-inflammatories, healing, and high % of stable Vitamin C esters. Our clear skin serum will give your complexion a natural glow, smooth, and supple.

We hope you enjoyed our Siam Seas Review. This article only gives you our initial findings. We are lead to believe that this range can help with problem skin conditions like Eczema and Psoriasis.

Try these products, as we firmly believe that they will change your skin for the better. You are welcome to contact us if you need any guidance or you have any questions.

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