Wild Self The Woods

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Wild Self The Woods

Wild Self The Woods – all things found deep in the forest – very green, very earthy.

Into the woods dark and deep, there is a secret I must keep. An ode to the ripe and full nature of the intuitive and instinctual psyche. To dream, to grieve, to wonder and to the imagination. To all the ancestors and spirit animal we keep close in those other realms we traverse too.

This full-bodied earthy forest scent focuses on the depths of the psyche. The plant medicine captured within are working on releasing nervous tension, releasing stress, anxiety, and depression, whilst activating the connection to oneself and the earth magic. The Woods is a little bottle of nature, created to embody the moving otherworldly aromas of the wet forest, the symbolic realms, and the work that can only be done from journeying deep within.

Hypnotic, earthy, mossy, herbaceous, grounding, visionary, wisdom, otherworldly journey, shamanic.

Perfume Notes – Oakmoss | Patchouli | Vetiver | Sandalwood | Sage | Tulsi | Cedar | White Fir |

Care Instructions – Keep me out of the sun for so I age properly as I only grow more divine in essence in time. Avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest, do not use whilst pregnant. not suitable for use on damaged skin or torn skin.

Packaged by hand in her studio with natural silk, linen, recycled boxes, and organic cotton fillings – honouring the age-old, ancient art of the trade.

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Weight 20 g

sample 5ml, 10ml, 15ml

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