Wild Self Desert Song

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Wild Self Desert Song

Wild Self Desert Song – Mmm. soft ambiance, honeyed resin, sand, and stone whilst the rose sings it’s love song over the desert.

A delicious wild crafted invocation of the mystical enchanted desert terrain. This particular essence sings a sweet song of warm, amber musk. It softens into the skin with a harmonic melody of a time of caravan, song and the desert.

Mystical, devotional, sweet, floral, musky, romantic, balsamic, resinous & rose.

Inspired by the enchanting energy of the desert, this delicious fragrance evokes the mystical, enchanted, rich, desert terrain of the psyche. It humbles one to open the heart space and invites one to soften into the warm, musky ambiance of the desert aromas. The botanical ingredients captured in Desert Song are deeply nourishing for the heart, making this fragrance act as a restorative for both the heart and mind, thus replenishing a tired spirit.

Perfume notes – Ambrette | Peru Balsam | Myrrh | Benzoin | Tolu | Himalayan Rose | Styrax | Black Pepper | Bergamot

Care Instructions    Keep me out of the sun for so I age properly as I only grow more divine in essence in time. Avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest, do not use whilst pregnant. not suitable for use on damaged skin or torn skin.

Packaged by hand in her studio with natural silk, linen, recycled boxes, and organic cotton fillings – honouring the age-old, ancient art of the trade.





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Weight 50 g

sample 5ml, 10ml, 15ml

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Coconut and Jojoba oil base, Ambrette, Peru balsam, myrrh, benzoin, Tolu, himalayan rose, styrax, black pepper, bergamot


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