Wild Self Autumn Eve

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Wild Self Autumn Eve

Wild self Autumn Eve – Capture my heart, soothe my soul.

Take me someplace far far away from where the nights are cool and full of mystery and the mornings are soft, gentle and blessed by birdsong, good books and a good cup of coffee.

Inspired by the softer cooler months and the months of retreat into ourselves and into our home. For the long nights on the porch with a fire, for that long bath with broth on the stove. The French armchair laden with cloths finely weaved by humbled hands, cat on the window sill. This is my favourite kind of Autumn Eve.

The botanical ingredients contained within are deeply nourishing for your Yin Qi. making this fragrance act as a restorative. Balances hormones and restores feminine energy. It clears, nourishes and uplifts. Timeless, exotic, wears well with cashmere, silks and other natural fibers.

Perfume notes – Mandrake | Oud | Sweet Tobacco abs. | Oakmoss | Violet leaf | Bulgarian clary sage | Bulgarian lavender | Coriander seed | Vetiver | Agarwood |

Each perfume pack holds the chosen fragrance accompanied by their perfume card containing the list of some ingredients and information about the nature of the scent, what systems of the body they are working on and other delightful information 

Care Instructions – Keep me out of the sun for so I age properly as I only grow more divine in essence in time. Avoid contact with eyes, do not ingest, do not use whilst pregnant. Not suitable for use on damaged skin or torn skin.

Packaged by hand in her studio with natural silk, linen, recycled boxes, and organic cotton fillings – honoring the aging old ancient art of the trade.


Additional Information

Size – leaf vial, 10ml, 15ml

Attributes – vegan, organic ingredients, ethically sourced, wild harvested and made with absolute love, 100% natural containing only pure botanical ingredients, palm oil free


Coconut, Jojoba-based oils, Mandrake, Oakmoss, Agarmoss, Vetiver, Violet leaf, Clary sage, Bulgarian lavender, Sweet tobacco, Coriander seed.


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