Superfeast Tonic Herbs – Schizandra

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Youth and Berry Tonic. 50g sample available NOTE – Please contact us before placing an order as stock is up and down with delays with stock.


Product Description

Superfeast Tonic Herbs Schizandra  – for a youthful, radiant complexion

Superfeast Tonic Herbs Schizandra Berry Powdered Extract is fruit from the plant Schisandra Chinensis, is the beautyberry of the Orient, revered for giving those who consume it a youthful, radiant complexion. The legend of this tonic herb is great; its incredible adaptogenic properties have placed it is as a favourite tonic of many Daoist herbal masters.

The herb’s Chinese name, wu wei zi, means “five-taste fruit.”  Schizandra possesses all five flavours and has the capacity to enter into all major organs and be a complete and holistic tonic for the entire body. It has been used by the ancients primarily for its life-enhancing power, to sharpen the mind and improve memory and to cleanse and tone the blood, liver, and kidneys. Superfeast Schizandra is held in the highest regard as a sex tonic herb that is able to vastly increase sexual fluids and fortify sexual vigor, a quality held by those who embody a superior level of health.

The primary active constituents in Schizandra are lignans. Lignans are a type of phytoestrogen that are found in a variety of plant foods. Bacteria in the human intestines convert lignans to lignan precursors which are known to have weak, but beneficial estrogenic activity within the body. These lignan precursors and the plant’s fibre attach to excess estrogen so it can be removed via the body’s systems of elimination. Basically, the more toxic estrogens that are removed, the more balanced your sex hormones, and the more chance you have of your libido soaring!

Benefits may include:

• Detoxifies and tones the liver
• Regenerates sexual fluids and vigor
• Sharpens concentration, memory, and alertness
• Promotes and enhances beauty (especially in the skin) • Increases adaptability
• Protects the adrenals from excessive stress
• Improves the function of cellular membranes
• Balances/regulates the Central Nervous System
• Reduces in ammation

Additional Information

Size -50g miron glass, 100g fat miron glass, 250g resealable kraft bag.

Attributes – wild crafted, 100% plant derived, non-irradiated, sustainably sourced, no fillers, no emulsifiers, no additives, packaged in miron glass.

Dosage – Start with 1 tsp and increase to up to 2 tbsp per day, depending on your body’s relationship to the herb.


Wild-harvested schizandra berry extract 10:1.Origin: Changbai Mountains, China.


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