Superfeast Tonic Herbs – Eucommia Bark

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Bone and Joint tonic.


Product Description

Superfeast Tonic Herbs Eucommia Bark – Strengthens bones, ligaments & tendons

Superfeast Tonic Herbs Eucommia bark (Eucommia ulmoides) is an adaptogenic tonic herb known for its ability to replenish the expansive kidney energy that assists the body in generating strength, stamina, power, and a healthy constitution systemically. Eucommia bark is, in fact, the primary herb in Chinese tonic herbalism for building a strong, sturdy, flexible skeletal structure. It is used to help strengthen the bones, ligaments, and tendons. Eucommia bark is a great herb for both men and women to help support healthy sexual function and libido.

Eucommia Bark, a Jing herb in the JING blend. This potent Yang Jing herb as a single tonic will fire up your kidney stores, help support a strong healthy immunity, endurance and fertility, and a strong digestion. In particular, eucommia is all about the bones, the tendons, the skeletal system, connective tissue and providing strength and flexibility.

Eucommia, in many cases, can be used as a nutritional tonic for the elderly to ensure healthy cartilage and to guard against conditions like arthritis.

It is especially beneficial for post-menopausal women as a health enhancing tonic for preventing conditions like osteoporosis and helps to nourish weak or brittle bones. After menopause women are more susceptible to bone loss because of decreased amounts of estrogen in the body.

Widely used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat hypertension or high blood pressure, eucommia bark benefits were shown in clinical trials to possess blood pressure lowering properties with beta-adrenergic blocking activity that naturally helps to dilate the blood vessels.

One of the main antihypertensive compounds found in eucommia is pinoresinol diglucoside, a lignan also found in sesame, cruciferous vegetables and olive oil. (Source)

Benefits may include:

• Stronger bones, joints, and ligaments
• Healing of knees and lower back
• Provides assistance to healthy fascial functioning • Restores adrenal health
• Counters fatigue
• Increased libido
• Tones kidneys
• Greater energy, strength, and endurance

Additional Information

Size – 50g miron glass, 100g miron glass, 250 g resealable kraft bag.

Attributes – wild crafted, 100% plant derived, non-irradiated, sustainably sourced, no fillers, no emulsifiers, no additives, packaged in miron glass.

Dosage – Start with 1/2 tsp and increase to up to 1 tbsp per day, depending on your body’s relationship to the herb.


Wild-crafted, dual-extracted eucommia bark extract 10:1.Origin: Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, China.


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