Superfeast Schizandra

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Product Description

Superfeast Schizandra is a Tonic Herb

For a youthful, radiant complexion

Superfeast Schizandra Berry Powdered Extract is fruit from the plant Schisandra Chinensis, is the beautyberry of the Orient, revered for giving those who consume it a youthful, radiant complexion. The legend of this tonic herb is great; its incredible adaptogenic properties have placed it is as a favourite tonic of many Daoist herbal masters. The herb’s Chinese name, wu wei zi, means “five-taste fruit.” Schizandra possesses all five flavours and has the capacity to enter into all major organs and be a complete and holistic tonic for the entire body. It has been used by the ancients primarily for its life-enhancing power, to sharpen the mind and improve memory and to cleanse and tone the blood, liver, and kidneys. It is held in the highest regard as a sex tonic that is able to vastly increase sexual fluids and fortify sexual vigor, a quality held by those who embody a superior level of health.

Benefits may include:

• Detoxifies and tones the liver
• Regenerates sexual fluids and vigor
• Sharpens concentration, memory, and alertness
• Promotes and enhances beauty (especially in the skin) • Increases adaptability
• Protects the adrenals from excessive stress
• Improves the function of cellular membranes
• Balances/regulates the Central Nervous System
• Reduces in ammation

Additional Information

Size -50g miron glass, 100g fat miron glass, 250g resealable kraft bag.

Attributes – wild crafted, 100% plant derived, non-irradiated, sustainably sourced, no fillers, no emulsifiers, no additives, packaged in miron glass.

Dosage – Start with 1 tsp and increase to up to 2 tbsp per day, depending on your body’s relationship to the herb.


Wild-harvested schizandra berry extract 10:1.Origin: Changbai Mountains, China.


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