Superfeast Eucommia Bark

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Product Description

Superfeast Eucommia Bark is a Tonic Herb.

Strengthens bones, ligaments & tendons

Eucommia bark (Eucommia ulmoides) is an adaptogenic tonic herb known for its ability to replenish the expansive kidney energy that assists the body in generating strength, stamina, power, and a healthy constitution systemically. Eucommia bark is, in fact, the primary herb in Chinese tonic herbalism for building a strong, sturdy, flexible skeletal structure. It is used to help strengthen the bones, ligaments, and tendons. Eucommia bark is a great herb for both men and women to help support healthy sexual function and libido.

Benefits may include:

• Stronger bones, joints, and ligaments
• Healing of knees and lower back
• Provides assistance to healthy fascial functioning • Restores adrenal health
• Counters fatigue
• Increased libido
• Tones kidneys
• Greater energy, strength, and endurance

Additional Information

Size – 50g miron glass, 100g miron glass, 250 g resealable kraft bag.

Attributes – wild crafted, 100% plant derived, non-irradiated, sustainably sourced, no fillers, no emulsifiers, no additives, packaged in miron glass.

Dosage – Start with 1/2 tsp and increase to up to 1 tbsp per day, depending on your body’s relationship to the herb.


Wild-crafted, dual-extracted eucommia bark extract 10:1.Origin: Hunan, Hubei, Sichuan, China.


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