Soulfire Artisan Botanical Perfume Whisky N Zazz

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Product Description

Mens Botanical Natural Perfume – Soulfire Artisan Botanical Perfume Whisky N Zazz.

Soulfire Artisan Botanical Perfume Whisky N Zazz description.

Unusual things can happen when you least expect them… Two friends are chatting over a glass of malt whisky. They’re interesting blokes with interesting hobbies. One likes to carve wood.  The other enjoys playing jazz piano.  And they both like to wear colognes (they call them man fumes)  So, while chatting over the whisky, they decide to make their own man fume.  Chippie wants it to include woodland notes, to remind him of the forests.  Zazz wants it to feel leathery and romantic, to remind him of jazz clubs.  One evening, they gather round a perfumer’s table, with their wives and a whole lot of perfume oils.  There are whisky n’cheese n’oils and the scents are filling the air.  As the whisky glasses empty and the perfume bottles fill, the banter’s getting louder.  Zazz moves over to the piano and tinkles out some jazz.  Chippie brings out his phone and impresses the ladies with photos of his carvings.  The perfume is brewing in the bottle…
And that is how I came to be.  A charming blend of woods and forest with a little leather and spice.  A man fume with more than a little owed to whisky… and jazz.

Therapeutic Properties of Soulfire Artisan Botanical Perfume Whisky N Zazz.

Whisky N’ Zazz contains many different essential oils, absolutes, balsams and resins. Each of these botanical essences possesses therapeutic properties that can benefit your emotional wellness.  Whisky N’ Zazz contains essences that can help you to feel composed and confident, mentally alert and calmly energized.

Whisky N’ Zazz is a member of the Fougere perfume family. It contains green, fresh and woody notes with a base of earthy musk accord.  Hint: whilst this perfume was designed as a man fume, it also smells FANTASTIC on women.

Whisky N’ Zazz is a natural perfume, as defined by the international Natural Perfumers Guild. It is fragranced with a proprietary blend of 100% natural essential oils, absolutes, resins and balsams in an ethanol base (grain derived).

Whisky N’ Zazz is presented in an elegant 10ml Italian glass flacon with an antique gold metal label.  This beautiful flacon nestles snuggly within a custom made veneer wooden box, engraved with a floral motif designed by artist and perfumer, Kirsten Hocking.

This perfume is an ethically sourced, all natural, handcrafted artisan product. It is free from any synthetic ingredients, has not been tested on animals and is 100% cruelty free.  Soulfire Artisan’s perfume packaging has been carefully selected to meet high standards of aesthetic elegance and environmental responsibility.  No plastics or excess fillers have been used and all our products are 100% recyclable.

Head Notes – Black Pepper, Cypress, Bitter Orange

Heart Notes – Cinnamon, Neroli

Base Notes – Sandalwood, Vetiver, natural botanical Musk, and Leather Accord (proprietary blend of botanical essences).

Additional information

Size – 10ml

Attributes – Handcrafted, Australian made, cruelty-free, recycled packaging, real essential oils, plant-based alcohol


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