Siam Seas The Skin Revolution

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Acne, Rebel Skin.

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Product Description

Siam Seas The Skin Revolution

Siam Seas the skin revolution, is an acne-fighting powerhouse mask. This is the moment where you conquer your rebel skin.

The newly reformulated Skin Revolution is a detoxifying mask formulated to have a pore-tightening effect on your skin. It is a resurfacing facial treatment formulated to transform dull, congested, and sluggish skin to a bright and illuminated complexion.

Synergistically blended with extraordinary spices, biodynamic herbs and, rice enzymes to deeply cleanse the skin, the Skin Revolution removes debris, releases congestion within pores, and stimulates cells for better circulation to help with nutrient absorption. Additionally, it activates natural collagen production, which improves skin texture and tones the skin to reduce the appearance of pores.

Infused with the exotic scents of Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Carrot Seed, Neroli, and Vanilla to provide aromatherapy and calm your mind while the oil combination is at work nourishing and protecting the health and hydration of your skin.

How to use

Take a heaping teaspoon of The Skin Revolution Mask into the palm of your hand or treatment bowl. Add three teaspoons of very warm water. Mix well and let it sit for a few seconds allowing the formula to activate and become a light paste. Similar to when you steep a fresh cup of tea, the ingredients in this mask are activated when they come in contact with water.

Apply the mixture generously to your face and décolleté area. When the mask starts to dry, lightly mist your skin with water or toner to allow for maximum nutrient absorption. Rinse off with water and follow with Yen Heal & Hydrate Toner.

The Skin Revolution Mask is a very potent formula, customizable for every skin type to help achieve the best results. This mask is designed to thoroughly cleanse and detoxify pores, leaving your pores tighter and less prominent. For those with extremely sensitive and dry skin, see how you can enhance the mask to cater to your skin needs below.

For Dry and Sensitive Skin: Those with dry and sensitive skin can still greatly benefit from the mask. Mix the mask, as suggested above. Once cooled, add 10-20 droplets of the Twilight BeCalm Serum and1 teaspoon of honey. Mix well.

It can help with eczema and psoriasis skin, and it has such amazing results. It helps calms the itch and the inflamed spot within one use. Each skin is different, and she suggests you try a patch on the skin and see how your skin reacts first.

For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin: This mask was designed with you in mind. Mix the mask, as suggested above. If you would like to add additional brightening benefits, include a 1/2 teaspoon of fresh-pressed carrot juice, a 1/2 teaspoon of papaya puree, a 1/2 teaspoon of honey, and five droplets of Twilight BeCalm Serum. Mix well.

Experience. Siam Seas The Skin Revolution powder mask is designed to clear out congestion, remove debris, and improve skin texture. This mask is not gentle; it is potent. You will feel the stimulation, tingling, and a warming sensation. You will find when you wash it off that the flush sensation will disappear, and you will love how your skin will feel – so soft and renewed.

Key Ingredients

Cilantro Seeds – antioxidant, antibacterial, and antifungal.

Royal Jelly, Gypsum Pine Pollen – deeply exfoliate and resurface the skin.

Chebula, Lodhra, Manijistha – work synergistically to brighten hyper-pigmentation.

Long Pepper, Chinese Ginseng – stimulate the skin to bring oxygen to the surface

Cassia Tora – repairs and protect your skin barrier.

Additional Information

Size  100g

Attributes – Organic, wildcrafted, sustainable harvest ingredients,100% natural


Black Rice*, Calcium Carbonate, Mung Bean*, Marshmallow*, Termilia Chebula**, Royal Jelly*, Cassia Tora*, Lodhra Tree*, Indian Madder*, Gypsum, Pine Pollen***, Nutmeg*, Thanaka Bark**, Chinese Ginseng*, Ascorbic Acid, Ocimum Gratissimum*, Zingiber Cassumunar***, Turmeric***, Acacia Concinna***, Mangosteen**, Curcuma Aromatica***, Coriander Seed*, Ashwagandha*, Ginger*, Aloe Vera*, Long Pepper*, Jasmine Sambac Oil*, Ylang Ylang Extra*, Vanilla Co2*, Rose Otto***, Carrot Seed Oil*, Neroli Oil*, Immortelle Oil*, Lavender***, Sweet Orange Oil*.* Organic** Sustainable harvest *** Wildcrafted


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