Siam Seas Songkran Skin Elixir

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Great for all skin types.

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Product Description

Siam Seas Songkran Skin Elixir

Skin Radiance Booster

Siam Seas Songkran Skin Elixir is a multifunctional skin elixir designed to boost antioxidants, accelerate skin regeneration, fight inflammation and assist with the delivery and absorption of vital nutrients within facial masks or serums and balms. The very concentrated formula is particularly incredible at expediting skin healing, fading acne marks and brightening skin tone especially when mixed with the Skin Revolution Mask and Siam SEAS serums and balms.

Enjoy the aroma of the blissful Jasmine Sambac, Ylang Ylang, and Vanilla.

Key Ingredients.

Black Cumin oil  helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles.encourages skin regeneration.

Stinging nettle – Astringent, Anti-Inflammatory and helps In treating acne.

Terminalia Arjuna Bark – Ayurvedic, Adaptogenic, strengthens the skin barrier, protects the skin from external challenges. reduces inflammation, hydrating. Good for tired sagging skin and wrinkles.

Neem – clears acne scars and pigmentation, highly moisturising.

Lightens and brightens – Licorice, Amla & Barberry.

Potent antioxidants – Green Tea, Goji, Ginseng, Sarsaparilla, & Acai.

Natural Retinol – Rose-hip.

Hydrating and plumping the skin – Sodium PCA, Sunflower oil, Sarsaparilla.

Antiseptic & healing – Propolis, Turkish Rhubarb.

Anti-inflammatory – Bupleurum & Coptis.

Cleansing – Sarsaparilla.

Siam Seas Songkran Skin Elixir is one of the products that you use with the Siam Seas Skin Revolution Ritual.

Additional Information

Size – 20 ml

Attributes – organic, wildcrafted, vegan, palm oil free

How to use  Pump 1-2 pumps into a treatment bowl with the Skin Revolution mask or any of your favorite masks. Mix well before applying.

Use 1 pump to dapple on skin both AM and PM before applying serums, creams and balms. For sensitive skin, mix the elixir into your moisturizer before applying.


Black Cumin*, Propolis*, Stinging Nettle*, Licorice*, Siamese Neem**, Terminalia Arjuna bark*, Basil*, Rose Hip Co2 Oil*, Green Tea*, Mangosteen*, Goji*, Borage*, Barberry*, Acai*, Ashwagandha*, Saw Palmetto*, Turkish Rhubarb*, Bupleurum*, White Peony*, Coptis*, Burdock*, Thyme*, Indian Sarsaparilla*, Amla*, Sweet Flag*, Polyglyceryl-2 Sesquioleate (from Sunflower oil)***, Sodium PCA, Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Ginseng*, Nutmeg*, Jasmine Sambac Oil*, Ylang Ylang extra Oil*, Vanilla Co2 Oil*. * Organic ** Wildcrafted

1 review for Siam Seas Songkran Skin Elixir

  1. Irina (verified owner)

    Such a unique and beautiful product with amazingly healing ingredients. It’s quite a thin product that dries quickly so there is no problem layering it under any serum, oil or balm. It’s beautifully cooling and I look forward to seeing its long term effects on my pigmentation.

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