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Perfume By Nature Namaste Botanical Perfume

Perfume By Nature Namaste Botanical Perfume

Perfume By Nature Namaste Botanical Perfume

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Perfume by Nature Namaste Botanical Perfume.

Perfume by Nature Namaste Botanical Perfume is my ode to Vanilla, the most blissful and calming of scents!
The Sanskrit word of greeting “Namaste” means “I honour the God/Goddess in you!” And I’ve always thought that was such a beautiful way to approach people…seeing the sacred in everyone….
It’s also my ode to Byron Bay, the modern Australian Hippie Mecca and center of all things fluffy and spiritual!
It’s a very simple Vanilla wood scent. Not fancy accents or confusing notes, just a simple deep wood base to hold the soft subtle Vanilla.
The main base note is a beautiful dry Australian Sandalwood that is a lovely balance to Vanilla’s sweetness. It’s also an eco friendly, ethically grown Sandalwood, which is pretty important…the Indian Sandalwood has been harvested almost out of existence, so this beautiful Australian version grown in ethically handled plantation is a real find!
I’ve enhanced the softness of the Vanilla itself with a number of incense resins that have Vanilla notes to give it extra depth. and a mystical, magical touch to further enhance the bliss….

As it says on a sign on the road into Byron:

Chill out, Slow down…and remember to Breath!

Additional information

Attributes – made in australia, 100% natural and botanical, macadamia oil base

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