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Perfume by Nature Love Potion Botanical Perfume

Perfume by Nature Love Potion Botanical Perfume

Perfume by Nature Love Potion Botanical Perfume

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Product Description

Perfume by Nature Love Potion Botanical Perfume.

Perfume by Nature Love Potion Botanical Perfume  – “The Mysterious One…”

perfume family: spicy oriental

“Love Potion” started out as a custom order for a lonely friend. She wanted one that would “attract some Love into her Life!” It sounded like an interesting project, so I started reading through the collections of ancient Egyptian perfume and the medieval European potion recipes I had collected over the years…and boy, was there a lot of “Love Potions”!

Seems it’s been a favorite subject matter for perfumers and herbalists for centuries…Anyway, I took the most enticing sounding recipes, and started comparing the ingredients with those listed in modern Aromatherapy and Herb manuals as having aphrodisiac qualities.

Oils that make you feel good, that get the juices flowing and help to awaken passion. And ended up with three delicious compositions. I took these back to my friend to experiment with. She loved all of them, and started wearing them to see how those around her reacted to them. By this stage we were all quite excited about the project, so we sent out a number of samples to friends and old customers, encouraging them all to try them and send us some feedback.

Well, the composition that won hands down is the spicy, warm, exciting blend we sell today. My friend reported that beyond the effect it had on those around her, she found it made her feel happy…and sexy…and, well, full of energy and passionate about everything around her. And it began to dawn on me that maybe we were really on to something. We’d managed to create a perfume that made people feel loving and passionate when they wore it. A real “Love Potion” in a perfume bottle! After all, the best way to entice Love in to your life, is to be full of Love and Passion yourself!

It’s based on an oriental recipe from a few hundred years ago, with ingredients you can still find in the bazaars of Egypt and Arabia. Sultry Jasmine absolute forms the heart of the perfume, the Queen of the aphrodisiac flowers, sweet, heady and musky and absolutely captivating. The base is Exotic Patchouli, deep and sexy, used in Aromatherapy to connect people to their bodies and to give a person a deep feeling of satisfaction. Added to these come spicy mid notes of Cardamom and Coriander, both known to energize the body and awaken sleeping sexual energy. And then the blend is further warmed by the sunny brightness of Seville Oranges, so sweet and tangy you can almost taste them.

Delicious, Hot, Spicy, Sexy and utterly desirable!

Additional information

Size – 15ml eau de parfum

Attributes – made in australia, 100% natural botanical ingredients,derived un-denatured alcohol (grain), macadamia oil base

  • 5 out of 5

    After spraying the warm spicy aroma of Love Potion eau de parfum on the inside of my wrists, I was drawn to it like a magnet.