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Perfume by Nature Goddess Botanical Perfume

Perfume by Nature Goddess Botanical Perfume

Perfume by Nature Goddess Botanical Perfume

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Product Description

Perfume by Nature Goddess Botanical Perfume.

Perfume by Nature Goddess Botanical Perfume  –   “Perfume for the Goddess within”

perfume family: deep musky floral

This Perfume is unbelievably Luscious. It’s a personal Perfume Fantasy of the most divine, delicious scents imaginable, a perfume to celebrate the Goddess within every Woman.

Starting off with Divine Damask Rose absolute, the Goddess of the Flower Kingdom. There’s really nothing more beautiful than the scent of a Rose. Sweet and fresh, like a magical song. Rose has captivated people’s noses and imaginations ever since time began. It’s scent is one of the most beautiful in Natures wide Kingdom of scents. It has so many layers to it that you have trouble describing it. Damask Rose is one of the most precious of all roses. It is grown primarily in France and Turkey, and has a fruity musky depth to it that is thoroughly captivating.

My garden is full of roses and I can spend hours with my nose buried in them, just inhaling the scent.

To this beautiful thing, I added Exotic Arabian Jasmine. The marriage of these two heavenly flowers creates a scent that has such depth, so many entrancing layers…the sweetness of the Damask Rose married to the sultry musk of the Jasmine seems to create a flower fantasy which is a sort of Spirit of the true Nature of Flower…(OK, that’s beginning to sound a bit corny I know…but it’s such an amazing scent I get a bit carried away)to this I added my favorite discovery: the rare and fascinating Honey Absolute. This is one of my favorite oils and one few people have even heard of. As you’d imagine, it has the tart warmth of beeswax and the playful sweetness of a really good quality honey, deep and yummy, fresh from the hive….

To top it all off, I placed these divine ingredients on a background of African Tolu Balsam, which has a delightful deep woody vanilla note, which gave the Perfume a wholeness and depth that allowed the intoxicating Heart notes of Rose and Jasmine to Dance.


Additional information

Sizes – sample size,6ml perfume oil

Attributes – made in australia, natural botanical ingredients,macadamia oil base.

  • 5 out of 5

    If you love the smell of roses and honey then you will LOVE Goddess botanical perfume. I feel Goddess will exude your femininity as its sweet scent will attract like bees to honey.