Perfume by Nature Death By Chocolate Botanical Perfume

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Perfume by Nature Death By Chocolate Botanical Perfume

Perfume by Nature Death By Chocolate Botanical Perfume – “Food for the Soul”

perfume family: gourmand

I love Chocolate. OK, I have a serious Chocolate habit. So when a friend sent me a bottle of pure Cocoa Absolute, I got very excited. But how to create a perfume out of it that you actually want to wear? I tried everything…flowers, herbs, orange and spices…..they were all very nice, but somehow not…well…Chocolate. Vanilla seemed good to start with, but it was sweet, too sweet, and almost tacky….and real Cocoa absolute has something to mysterious and compelling about it that it just didn’t seem right to make it into a kiddies sweetie in a bottle….And then finally I hit upon the idea of marrying it to Wood. I had recently received a bottle of a particularly elegant desert wood from Western Australia. It has such an elegant depth to it, warm, yet dry and deep and Ancient like the land it grows on……And the two together, Ancient Desert Wood and Tantalizing Inka Cocoa make a perfume that has a depth and magic to it that shows the true Spirit of the Cocoa bean….
A hint of spice and a good stirring on honey, and there you have it:

The Ultimate Perfume for the adult Chocolate Lover. Wear it to bed with a sign saying: “Eat Me!”

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Additional information

Attributes – australian made, 100% natural and botanical ingredients, derived un-denatured alcohol ( grain), macadamia oil base

1 review for Perfume by Nature Death By Chocolate Botanical Perfume

  1. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Conventional perfumes make me sneeze or give me a headache. But I have had trouble finding a natural perfume I liked. I couldn’t resist trying one that smells of chocolate! I bought the sample size then a full size when I used every last drop up. It does smell like chocolate, but spicy too and it gets sweeter and lighter with time. I find the scent lasts most of the day too. This is my favourite natural perfume so far

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