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Neat Natural Perfume Little Petal

Neat Natural Perfume Little Petal

Neat Natural Perfume Little Petal

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Product Description

Alluring dazzling floral scent – Neat Natural Perfume Little Petal.

Neat Natural Perfume Little Petal is perfect for you if you want to smell beautiful without the chemicals that are in conventional perfumes.We WILL lead you down the garden path!! Because by golly it smells good down there!  Little Petal is an alluring and dazzling floral scent, made from the delicate aromas of Rose, Vanilla, Bergamot, and Jasmine.  She’s sweet and playful, like that little petal in us all.Little Petal has beautiful oriental and musky notes.Enjoy the divine smell with these luscious ingredients, with all the health and wellbeing benefits of real essential oils.

Additional information

Size – 50ml spray,10ml essential oil,1ml mini essential oil.

Attributes – 100% natural, real essential oils,hand made, no synthetics,no phthalates.

How to use – Shake well and apply to pulse points.


Contains: Purified Aqua, Rose, Vanilla, Bergamot, Jasmine,Almond Oil, Jojoba,pure natural alcohol

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