Neat Cacay Face Hair Oil

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Great for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

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Product Description

Neat Cacay Face Hair Oil

A natural alternative to using Retina-a and Hydroquinone

Neat Cacay Face Hair Oil is the no-fuss face and hair oil that is ultra nourishing. It is being touted as the ‘miracle oil’ due to its super-high level of beneficial anti-aging properties. It is a great natural alternative to using Retina-a and Hydroquinone.

It also has high levels of omega 3 and 6, all of which nourish, soften and repair damaged skin and hair. The high level of linoleic acid helps the oil quickly penetrate the skin, giving it a light and silky silicone-like and non-greasy feel.

Cacay oil hails from South America and is largely grown in the Amazon and recently is being touted as the ‘miracle oil’ due to its super-high level of beneficial properties. Has been touted as a wonderful beard oil for the manly-man too…

Benefits of Cacay Oil

Cacay Oil has a high Retinol content. It is said to have more than three times the amount of Retinol present in Rosehip Oil. The elevated levels of Retinol make it ideal for reducing wrinkles and lines on our face. It also evens out the overall skin tone. Retinol is also ideal for reducing the formation of acne.

It has 50% more vitamin E and Linoleic acid than Argan Oil

Cacay is well absorbed into the skin with no oily residue

Protects from split-ends when added to shampoo and conditioner

Is considered to be anti-inflammatory, containing Vitamins A, E & F

High levels of omega 3 and 6

Reduce wrinkles, gives a facelift effect.

Scar Reduction – Cacay Oil contains the perfect combination of essential fatty acids and vitamins, which makes it ideal for skin regeneration. Cacay Oil is the best choice for you especially if you have stretch marks or scars that you would like to eliminate. You only require to apply a few drops of Cacay Oil to the specific areas of your skin with scars.

Increase skin hydration and smoothness renewal

Silky, Smoother and Longer Hair – Linoleic acid is a key fatty acid that contributes greatly to hair growth.

Contains: Neat Cacay Oil is 100% pure, and extremely high quality, and is not mixed or diluted. Caryodendron orinocense (Cacay Oil)

Additional Information

Size – 50ml glass oil pump bottle, no dropper.

Attributes – vegan,cruelty-free,100% pure cold pressed

How to use – use only a couple of drops , massage into your face and neck before you apply your organic moisturiser at night


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