Dindi Naturals Reed Diffuser Lime Zest

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Product Description

Dindi Naturals Reed Diffuser Lime Zest

Dindi Naturals Reed Diffuser Lime Zest  – An infectious crisp blend that is energetic and vibrant.

A cleansing deodorizer that will also keep the insects away. With the earthy green aroma of Kaffir lime, spicy Cedarwood and the brisk clean aroma of Fir. This lifts your mood with an uplifting clean fresh smell. We love this one.

Only 100% pure essential oils and extra-virgin olive oil, with NO added synthetic fragrance and NO alcohol.

citrus, woody, fresh

  •  kaffir lime – stimulating, energising
  • lemongrass – revitalizing, cleansing
  • cedarwood – soothing, calming
  • fir needle – calming, refreshing
 The glass reed diffuser bottle comes with 8 rattan reed sticks. These bottles are half filled with approximately 140ml of oil. We feel they diffuse better at this level, and also, if we were to fill them to the top they would be extremely expensive and have exactly the same life as when half filled.
To increase the intensity of scents simply flip the reed sticks regularly and coat well in the oil blend. Most blends will keep providing scent throw for 6 months or more, with some of the blends lasting much longer.
Note: If the scent is too strong, remove some of the sticks.
Be careful to wipe up oil spills quickly as essential oils can stain surfaces.
Keep out of reach of children. Not to be ingested.

Additional information

Attributes – Australian made, pure essential oils, no alcohol, no PG, virgin olive oils, vegan friendly


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