Dindi Naturals Calm Flower Natural Room Mist

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250ml bottle

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Product Description

Dindi Naturals Calm Flower Natural Room Mist

Geranium, Lavender, and Lemongrass

Dindi Naturals Calm Flower Natural Room Mist is a popular floral, but not too sweet, this scent combines delicate geranium with herbaceous, calming lavender. With an added touch of lemongrass to round off the scent, ensuring the floral isn’t too dominant. This combination helps to calm nerves, and provide a peaceful space in which to live or sleep. With purified water, and pure Castile. This comes in a conveniently sized spray bottle for ease of use, no diffuser required!

For all you geranium-fans out there will love this natural room mist, as the smell of Geranium really comes through.

This is a great alternative to common synthetic room sprays ( I find they give me a headache and linger far too long with their unnatural fragrances). Dindi naturals room mists are made from a base of natural hydrosols, a bi-product from the steam distillation of plant essential oils. They add pure essential oils and an emulsifier and voila – a fantastic all-natural room mist – suitable for bathrooms or any room that needs refreshing




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Additional information

How to use – Simply shake, spray in an upwards motion around the room.

Size – 250ml

Attributes – 100% natural, organic essential oils, free of synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, no alcohol, Australian made.