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Aura-soma Pegasus Perfume Sample Set

Aura-soma Pegasus Perfume Sample Set

Aura-soma Pegasus Perfume Sample Set

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Product Description

Gift set in a beautiful white box – Aura-soma Pegasus Perfume Sample Set

Aura-soma Pegasus perfume sample set contains a sample of each Aura-Soma organic perfume. This set now comes in a beautiful white box.

The AURA-SOMA parfum sample set is a great way to explore the AURA-SOMA parfum range. The samples are a generous size and can be used for a reasonable time to gain a good appreciation of how a person relates to the scent of each one.

One sample each of 11, 30, 39, 44, 56, 58, 75 and 80.

Perfume Notes.

Parfum 11: Lemon – Bergamot – Neroli – Rose – Vetivert

Parfum 30: Bergamot – Olibanum – Oudh – Jasmine – Patchouli – Cedarwood – Amber – Vanilla – Saffron – Vetiver – Musk

Parfum 39:
Bergamot – Lemon – Geranium – Black pepper – Nutmeg – Ylang Ylang – Vanilla – Cedarwood

Parfum 44:
Orris – Cedar Wood – Violet – Precious Woods

Parfum 56:
Nutmeg – Violet – Ylang Ylang- Jasmine – Powder Notes – Sandalwood – Amber – Musk

Parfum 58:
Bergamot – Lime – Geranium – Basil – Lavender – Black pepper – Rose – Sandalwood – Vetivert

Parfum 75:
Orange – Jasmine – Neroli – Patchouli – Vanilla

Parfum 80:
Ylang Ylang – Jasmine – Lily – Carnation – Cinnamon – Benzoin – Rose – Vanilla

Each sample comes in a 2.5 ml mini glass bottle with a booklet containing top, middle and base note descriptions and comments from the perfumer about the origins of the scent.

Aura-Soma parfum is created using only natural and organic essential oils extracted from plants and flowers evoking a beautiful aroma and the potential to enlighten the wearer’s mood. The alcohol, which is used as the fragrance carrier, is certified Organic by the Soil Association and fermented from pure organic grain. Made with love and intention by Aura-Soma Products Ltd.

You will receive a discount code of a saving of 10% when you return to purchase your favourite full size Aura-Soma perfume.


  • 5 out of 5

    The sample size (Aura-Soma Parfum) spray bottles offer you a generous amount to give you enough time to be able to wear them so that you can be sure which one is your favourite before purchasing a full size. I’m enjoying going thru them! Wearing 11 today that I absolutely love. Already receiving compliments on how smooth it is and how nice it smells. My mum really likes no. 30. I’m amazed how totally different they smell on my skin then just sniffing from the sample. Thank you so much … Sue.

  • 5 out of 5

    These sample sized bottles are a fantastic introduction to the Aura-Soma range. My three favourites are numbers 39, 75 and 80. The quantity is generous and the staying power is quite impressive; the latter, even after a streneous workout! I highly recommend these to those who are foraying into the world of natural perfumes.

  • 5 out of 5

    The hardest part is choosing my favourite! Generous sample sizes, beautifully balanced fragrances with a reasonably strong sillage. The tiny spray bottles are excellent for sampling a true application as I find wipe on application changes the scent. I find that different scents appeal to me on different days so this set is perfect to indulge that. Lots of compliments on these fragrances, especially number 30.