Annmarie Restore Anti-age Travel Set

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Annmarie Restore Anti-age Travel Set

Annmarie Restore Anti-age Travel Set adds much-needed moisture to dry skin types, and helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles in mature skin types! Our Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser, Kaolin micro exfoliant, Neroli Toning Mist, Anti-Aging Facial Oil, and Coconut Honey Mask work together to leave your skin hydrated, fresh, and radiant.

Anti-Aging Facial Oil (5ml)- Our Anti-Aging Facial Oil is pure nutrition for timeless beauty. Nature has passed down the secrets of the forever young in this blend of healing herbs, antioxidants, and moisturizing oils. Restore your youthful glow, diminish fine lines and rediscover your passion. Vegan!

Aloe-Herb Facial Cleanser – Our Aloe-Herb Cleanser is a gentle and cleansing blend of healing herbs and plants. This blend is pH balanced to enhance your skin’s natural acid mantle and protect its moisture barrier for clean and silky soft skin. Our Aloe-Herb Cleanser is great for all skin types. It is gentle with no harsh detergents and always leaves your skin clean, nourished, and soft! Gluten-free and vegan!

Kaolin Micro Exfoliant (1/2 oz) – Cleanse and detoxify your skin with re-mineralizing green kaolin clay. Diatomaceous earth promotes a smooth, soft texture and creates a rich exfoliant that replenishes minerals, stimulates and removes impurities. This revitalizing treatment leaves skin polished, flawless and restored.

Neroli Toning Mist (1oz) Our Neroli Toning Mist is a soothing, refreshing mist that helps bring your skin back to perfect balance. Neroli hydrosol, from orange blossoms, is great for your skin, and also will calm the subtle energies of your soul. Each use brings you closer to complete harmony inside and out. This Neroli Toning Mist is great for all skin types. Gluten-free and vegan!

Coconut Honey Mask (1/2oz) – This product is so natural it’s good enough to eat! The live enzymes will nourish your inner and outer beauty. My Organic Coconut Honey mask is the perfect moisturizing mask for those who want an even skin tone and want to smooth out fines lines and wrinkles. Gluten-free!


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