Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask

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Suitable for all skin types, great to use for oily skin types.

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Product Description

Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask

Annmarie purifying mud mask is a special blend of mineral-rich clays and nutritive blue-green algae. Firm and tighten the look of your skin naturally with this powder-to-paste clay mask.

Masks have been used for thousands of years, by many cultures for skin toning, tightening and as a natural spa treatment straight from Mother Earth. Using our Purifying Mud Mask regularly will cleanse, mineralize and remove impurities from your skin and pores without destroying its fine natural balance. Each use will leave your skin feeling renewed and fresh.

A mixture of French Rose Clay, Dead Sea Clay, and Rhassoul clay PLUS the nutritive blue-green algae Chlorella algae. Chlorella is a true superfood, will give your skin a true vitamin and antioxidant boost. Most importantly, chlorella helps with the production of collagen and thereby will help to make the skin firmer and fight wrinkles. French Rose Clay is a softer, gentle clay, it’s cleansing action that isn’t too harsh, without stripping skin of vital moisture.

Used regularly, this mask will draw toxins and oils to the surface to be washed away, which will help reduce the appearance of acne, blackheads, and milia. The exfoliating and polishing action gradually reduces the appearance of pores and helps increase circulation, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to the skin to help tone down inflammation and puffiness.

As your skin gets used to the regular special treatment, it will also respond by regenerating Collagen and Elastin, giving you a more lifted, firm appearance. The consistent exfoliation can also help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as fade hyperpigmentation, age spots, and scarring.

We like that the Purifying Mud Mask comes in a powder form. This allows it to stay fresher longer. As it is in powder form means that you’ll have to mix it up yourself to make the mask. This is super-easy! Besides, you can customize your mask to be as thin or thick as you’d like.


Remineralizes your skin

Deep purification of your skin and tissue

Helps regulate oil balance for all skin types

Key Ingredients:

Rhassoul clay – Rich in the minerals silica and magnesium

Chlorella Algae – Provides phytonutrients

Rose Clay – Absorbs excess oil.

Additional information

Size – 50ml

Attributes – Gluten free and vegan,100% raw natural,certified organic,wild crafted ingredients,chemical free,packaged in MIRON violet glass,cruelty free,palm oil free

For Best Results – Wash your face with warm water and our Aloe-Herb Cleanser. Leave wet.In a small dish,mix 1 teaspoon of powder with a few drop of water to form a smooth paste. Apply generously to your face,avoiding eyes. For deep penetration, warm your skin first with warm water or apply while soaking in a hot bath or sauna. Leave on for at least 15 minutes or until the mask is dry. Rinse off and pat your skin dry.

For normal skin, use once a week. For oily skin, use 2 or more times per week. For dry skin, use once a month.


*Rose clay, *Morrocan rhassoul clay, *chlorella algae. *Organic or wildcrafted

2 reviews for Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask


    Love this mask! Your skin feels like it’s getting nourished and receiving special treatment. This is so needed with the daily stress we have and our skin is left feeling lifeless and tired – well that’s me. This mask isn’t messy to use. When applied, it’s not harsh on the skin too. It seriously lifts dead cells revealing a fresh, soft layer. Another Annmarie Gianni product favourite for me.

  2. sarah.hyltons (verified owner)

    Annmarie Purifying Mud Mask is a great organic mask. You don’t need to use a lot for each application and is very easy to use. Just mix with a splash of water, apply and leave to dry on your skin. You will feel your skin tighten and then just rinse off. I love to use Annmarie’s exfoliator beforehand and after the two treatments the skin feels so clean and soft. I like to use the mask as a once a week treat for my skin.

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