Ananda Life Numa

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Product Description

Ananda Life Numa

Ananda Life Numa – Hormone support. The woman’s helper, Ananda life Numa aids in supporting hormonal balance, This blend may help calm menstrual pain, alleviate mood changes, and relieve hot flushes and other symptoms related to menopause. Numa our goddess of human creation. A beauty-full gift for women of all ages.

Aromatic Description

Floral and fruity

Blended with

Clary sage – natural antidepressant

Lavender – calming and relaxing

Geranium – emothional balance

Cedarwood – harmonising and grounding

Ylang Ylang – self-esteem booster

Blended in skin-loving coconut oil.

Ananda Life Numa essential oil remedy is supplied in durable amber glass bottles with a stainless steel rollerball for quick and mess-free application on your pulse points.

Additional Information

Size – 10ml

Attributes – Vegan, 100% natural oils blend, Toxin Free, made in Australia, glass packaging, real essential oils.

Unlike traditional synthetic fragrances that overload your body with toxic chemicals, our natural essential oil perfume contains ingredients that can positively affect your mood and emotions by communicating with your body and senses through your skin. 

Packaged in a conveniently sized 10ml deluxe amber glass roller bottle.

How to use – Roll the Ananda Life Numa on pulse points on wrists, temples, behind the knees, central chest, and behind the ears to activate the blend.

Feel supported wherever you go. Put your blend into your bag. They are a convenient way to use your blend topically and you can feel supported wherever you go.  Allow short mindful moments in your day, and practice a little self-care. Simply inhale the scent, roll onto the skin and within 15 seconds you will feel connected with an open heart.

Enjoy our Ananda Life Harmonia – Calm sleep


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