Ananda Life Magnesium Bath Lavender

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Ananda Life Magnesium Bath Lavender

Had a spectacularly stressful day? Need to unwind before bed? Are you feeling your muscles after a good gym session? Run yourself a warm bath, hop in, and let our Ananda Life Magnesium Bath Lavender completely relax and rejuvenate you. Magnesium is the first nutrient to be deleted by our bodies when we’re stressed or fatigued.

Ananda Life Mineral Bath Therapy Lavender is a delightful perfect way to unwind post-workout, or before bed. A therapeutic blend of minerals infused with 100% Lavender oil and organic lavender flower. Lavender has a well-known tradition as a folk remedy accompanying its beautiful aroma. Lavender is known to be a natural sedative. (Lavender is the ultimate sleep maker!)reduce stress and anxiety, improve blood circulation, boost immunity and digestive health soothes cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.

Attributes – pure sourced magnesium chloride, heavy metal and toxin free, real lavender essential oil, vegan, palm oil free

Size – available in 1kg and 400g

Directions – Run yourself a warm bath and treat yourself to a little sprinkle of this perfect mix. Dissolve your desired amount of Ananda Life Mineral Bath Lavender into a warm bathtub or foot bath and soak and relax for 20 mins or more.Or add your Lavender mineral bath into the muslin bag and enjoy your T bag bath with all the same benefits, keeping all the petals in one place.

Add to your kids’ bath time routine. Sprinkle some in the bath for your kids. Magnesium is vital for growing bodies. Facilitates restful sleep ad helps give your kids the shut-eye they need to grow and function at their best. Kids have a high need for magnesium due to their non-stop activity to get them what they need through diet alone, especially if they are picky eaters.

Keep your Ananda Life Mineral Bath Lavender airtight, when not in use.

Ingredients – Magnesium potassium blend,essential lavender oil,organic lavender flower. Potassium is added to balance moisture in the skin, and body, aids in the reduction of water retention, gives nourishment to the cells and helps regulate the nervous system.


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