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Skin Moisturisers

Skin Moisturisers – WOW! What a choice of pure indulgence for your skin to protect it, feeding your skin with vital nutrients and help keep your skin looking radiant, healthy and young. 

These delicious moisturisers all contain certified organic ingredients (and they all smell great too).

Moisturising is an essential part of your skincare regime. A facial moisturiser function is to enhance the functioning of the stratum corneum, the uppermost layer of the skin. To improve and strengthen the barrier function, a perfectly formulated moisturiser that gives adequate hydration also contains ingredients to enhance the natural moisturising factor in the stratum corneum. Natural moisturising factors are substances within the skin’s uppermost layers that help keep it smooth, hydrated and healthy-looking.

Our perfectly formulated moisturisers offer these benefits for your skin

-No water – A wasteful ingredient that does nothing for your skin.

-Choose an organic moisturiser specifically chosen for your skin type.

-Contain safe preservatives. Our organic facial oils do not contain any preservatives.

-Choose your organic moisturiser that suits the climate and personal needs.

-Moisturisers that have plant ingredients in the top five spots so that you know you are getting a botanically active product.

-Antioxidants, the natural defence ingredients that protect the skin against the ageing process. They help to combat potentially harmful wrinkle-causing free radicals, which are often generated by sun exposure, stress and other environmental factors.

-Contain ingredients that contribute to the composition of your skin’s natural moisturising factors. Using a combination of these ingredients will assist the skin in its natural protective qualities and allowing your skin to function normally. Contain sun protective ingredients.

We love choosing an organic facial moisturiser that is preservative free. Organic facial oils do not contain preservatives. We are not into the skin irritant synthetic phenoxyethanol.