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Body Cleansers

Organic Body Cleansers

Organic Body Cleansers – Beautiful handmade soaps made by Mokosh. Natural and organic Body wash with Annmarie Gianni and Synthesis organics.

organic body cleansers

These are all palm oil free, using only essential oils, cleansing clays, moisturising body butters and oils. No artificial preservatives, no artificial fragrances and cruelty-free.

Our organic body wash products contain safe natural surfactants and natural saponified oils that gently cleanse and are totally biodegradable.

Read our article link on what to avoid and what to look for in using safe daily essential cleansing alternatives. Our customers often comment that they can’t use store bought soap because it dries and irritate their skin. There are soaps for the face, body, hair, pets, household purposes- you name it! But are all soaps created equally? No and neither are they “bad” or excessively drying – if you chose the right kind. Read our article link on why are handmade soaps better than commercial.

Have a look at Pearlbar, an awesome product that we love –  A Eco-friendly charcoal toothbrush. Make the switch today and stop using a plastic toothbrush. This works beautifully, vegan, biodegradable and leaves your mouth and gums feel beautifully clean.

Body Cleansers
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