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Wild Self Apothecary

Wild Self Apothecary –  Wild-crafted artisan pure botanical perfume by Marnie. The perfect gift for the fragrant women.

The Wild Self was born from an innate passion to travel & seek the worlds finest most exotic ingredients. Each individual shamanic essence is designed to work with different levels of the psyche, heart, spirit, & soul thus are specifically designed to awaken the senses and transport the individual. We invite you to journey deep within your self and the essence for a full-bodied experience.

When we connect with the plant world ultimately what we are doing is aligning ourselves with the very essence of what we are, nature. The plants have a lot to offer us and so do the flowers, spices, resins & barks, herbs and roots. What starts to happen when we connect with nature is we feel more at peace with ourselves, balanced, centered & aligned with our very selves.

You can work with the plants by applying the perfume on your pulse points, third eye, nape and heart center.

Made and inspired by the elements, the moons cycles, psychic processes, spirit work, intuition, whispers from the plant worlds & the heart.