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SuperFeast – WOW! We are so excited to present to you a range that is AWESOME. 

Take your health to the next level with our range of medicinal mushrooms, tonic herbs, and health supplements. These unique blends are sourced from around the world and are wildcrafted, which means they are gathered from their natural environment and taken to a separate facility for processing.

Nourish and love your body daily with these highly potent health products  Each Superfeast formulation is designed to transform your energy, longevity, and vitality, to boost and protect your immunity, to balance hormones, to detox, to maintain a youthful sex drive,for adrenal support,beauty enhancement,and to keep you calm and relaxed. Increase the flow of your life force energy and get your body back to pristine condition.

Medicinal mushrooms by Superfeast such as Chaga, Reishi, Lion’s mane etc. grow on both decaying wood and living trees and are touted in the ancient herbal systems for their unmatched capacity to aid the body in constructing a powerful immune system.

Medicinal mushrooms promotee hormonal adaptability and generally bringing the body back to a state of homeostasis. We’re also discovering, thanks to modern research, their many benefits, due to high levels of polysaccharides and other medicinal compounds.

The tonic herbs are the elite herbs of the Chinese herbal system, the most fully developed herbal system in the world. The Chinese tonic herbs have always held a very special place in Asian culture.

These very special natural substances have been associated with the highest qualities of living, and thus are associated with the ideals of long life, slow aging, glowing health, happiness, wisdom, physical vitality, adaptability, sexual vigour and response, mental acuity and clear intuition, love and compassion, and harmonious relations with nature and with one’s fellow human beings.

The tonic herbs are not harsh and are not specifically medicinal in the conventional sense. Tonic herbs help to regulate our myriad functions so that we can re-establish and maintain our balance, our adaptability, our vigour, and our youthfulness. By achieving these goals, one can be said to have attained true “radiant health.”

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