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Nudus Certified Organic Lipstick.

Nudus lipstick (nah-das) is an Australian company that operates from the eastern suburbs of Sydney.

The Nudus lipstick company is family run and they have the utmost respect for our planet, our people and the products we share with them. Their company believes in bringing innovative cosmetics to you that are not only superior in quality and safety, but also provide beneficial ingredients to the mind, body and soul.

Nūdus lipsticks are handcrafted with beautiful certified organic ingredients and combines bio-active ancient Ayurvedic colours and extracts made from flowers, fruits, herbs and minerals with organic cold pressed oils including pumpkin, kiwi fruit, raspberry, pomegranate, argan and moringa. These healthy colour extracts have been chosen on the basis of their properties promoting preventative healthcare. The extracts not only provide longer lasting colours, but safer active moisturising properties, based on the technology of an ancient progressively vibrant traditional medicinal system.

Over two years in the making, they formulated a superior blend of 27 active naturals. The specially designed, tasteful formula incorporates super foods, antioxidants, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K, essential fatty acids and high-end anti-aging ingredients to keep your lips soft and help protect them from environmental stress.

Nūdus are very proud to be the very first company in Australia to have the COSMOS Organic certification on their lipsticks, certified by Australian Certified Organic (ACO). They are also palm oil free.

Nūdus is handcrafted, that keeps the integrity of the raw ingredients. They are carefully made in small batches, and there is no machinery involved in the process. They take utmost care every step of the way to ensure freshness and quality control. Your Nūdus lipstick is of the highest standard and not sitting on a shelf for long periods of time.

Why we love this brand?

Nūdus “lip Euphoria.” Beautiful modern fashion colours, they have great staying power, also a lip treatment that keeps your lips soft, creamy and moist. The one thing we love is that this lipstick stays in one piece, no breakage. Very durable, one of our team left her lipstick in her bag in the car (not recommended) and she was amazed that her Nūdus lipstick was still in one piece. Lucky for her! These are a nutritious cocktail of moisture and beauty. You will look gorgeous wearing these.

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