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Natural Perfume

Natural perfume brands that are beautiful aromatic compositions that are totally botanical, – sourced from the best ingredients from Mother Nature – flowers, leaves, peels, trees, fruits, roots, and resins.

natural perfume

Organic perfume brands that are eco-friendly and cruelty-free. Combining aromatherapy with pure essential oils to create perfumes that are healing and smell more genuine than a synthetic perfume. No artificial fragrance chemical in the world can compare to the beauty and complexity of a real Moroccan Rose Absolute or a truly divine Sandalwood oil.

At Natural Beauty Collection we love real fragrance ; it just makes you feel so beautiful. Have you thought about the nasties that are in your perfume? The fragrance market is dominated by synthetic perfumes, with aroma chemicals, fixatives, synthetic fragrances and phthalates which are not good for our health. So if you have been a bit put off by the thought of spraying perfumes because of the chemicals that are penetrating into your skin, enjoy our collection of botanical perfumes without the synthetic nasties (free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and preservatives) to fully embrace and enjoy.

Our artisan brands do not contain –
+ Alcohol synthetics.
+ Aroma chemicals from chemical synthesis of petroleum derivatives.
+ Aroma chemicals from chemical synthesis of natural raw materials.
+ Denaturant alcohol.
+ Natural molecules (Isolates) from biotechnology.
+ GM ingredients.
+ Oil Mineral (paraffin’s).
+ Preservatives (natural) ex. wheat germ oil.
+ Preservatives (synthetic) ex. vitamin C.
+ Wax from petroleum (for solid perfumes).

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