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Natural Vegan Lipsticks / Certified Organic Lipstick / Lip gloss

Lipsticks lip gloss – Non-toxic, safe, vegan, gluten free, brilliant lasting colours.

Emani Hydrating Lip Colour uses a 100% vegan formula to coat the lips with brilliant, lasting colour while infusing them with valuable moisture for improved dermatologic health. Gliding on effortlessly to comfort the lips, this nourishing lip treatment and makeup in one will have your lips compellingly coloured and kissably soft.If you’re going for a glossier, shinier finish, try Emani Lip Shine. Infused with vitamin E and organic fruit extracts, this luxurious lip gloss gives just the right amount of colour along with a dazzling glow. Available in eleven colour options, Emani Lip Shine creates a glamorous, head-turning look suitable for any occasion.

Nudus lip Euphoria is a beautiful range that is 100% natural and has the Cosmos certification. Raw ingredients, handmade, Australian made with no FD&C and Lakes dyes and non-GMO. These feel good and look amazing, long wearing, creamy and moist.