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Eye shadow

Eye shadow  – Have a look at our collection of pressed eyeshadows by Pure Anada.

This is a lovely selection of convenient and award-winning pressed mineral colours!  You’ll love the silky texture and longevity of these 38 wearable shades. Mineral pigments and organic Jojoba are pressed together to create a natural makeup product. You can have confidence that you are making a beautiful, healthy choice!

What we love about this collection is that they come in compacts where you are able to replace your favourite colour with a refill when you run out. This saves on packaging and our environment. You also have the option to purchase your own magnetic custom makeup palette compact that fits six colours.

You know what you like – custom makeup palettes put you in control. Do you only wear one shade of eyeshadow? Then only get that shade; there are tons of shades in every colour family to choose from. You can figure out what you like.  With a custom makeup palette, you’re can try out a variety of shades to discover what you love, and what you don’t. With a custom palette, you’ll be able to create the looks you desire.

Pure Anada custom makeup palettes are a super-easy way to take your whole look on the road with you. Your magnetic compact can reflect your look — not to mention it comes with a handy built-in mirror. No more cracked eyeshadows and blush crumble on the bottom of your bag. Your custom makeup palette will keep everything in its place.

These eyeshadow colours come in six finishes.

Sequinned – Iridescent minerals blended with large flake mica shimmer

Velvet – ultra-matte, a flat pigment with no shimmer or shine

Satin – royally rich, high shine mineral pigment

Taffeta – demi-matte texture combining matte and luminous minerals

Matte – soft and silky that do not exude any sheen what so ever

Demi Matte – a combination of opaque matte minerals and luminous satin mica.

These glide on smoothly, effortlessly and very evenly. They are fade-resistant and crease-resistant – and the colour doesn’t settle in the fine lines and wrinkles of the eyelids.

Velvet and matte finishes give an elegant finish and a micro-fine shimmer, giving radiance to mature eyes.