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Hair Care

Organic and 100% Natural Hair Care Products

Hair care – At Natural Beauty Collection, we stock only the very best organic shampoo and hair conditioner product brands.

hair care

Have ultra, silky, softer and more manageable hair. Organic shampoo and nourishing hair care treatments that make your hair strong and healthy. With our deep understanding of natural ingredients we have the perfect hair care solutions that give exactly what your hair needs.

Organic and natural ingredients that fight dandruff and dry, itchy scalps, taming frizz, softening split ends, slowing down premature hair loss and greying of the hair. Replenish damaged and coloured hair with our hair conditioning products that contain natural proteins and healing oils that help restore volume, moisture and shine.

Synthesis shampoo and conditioner are made with biodegradable, gentle surfactants that give a gentle lather that are effective cleansing agents without damaging the hair and scalp.

Our products are completely SLS and SLES free. No silicon synthetic polymer ingredients, these ingredients do not biodegrade or decompose and pose a threat to our marine life.

Safe, toxin-free, completely plant based using certified organic ingredients that will give you beautiful results.

Hair Care
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