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Home Fragrance

Home Fragrance – We have home fragrance lines that are totally natural that contain no synthetic chemicals or synthetic fragrances.

Dindi Naturals are an Australian skincare company that make a line of handcrafted, natural aroma therapeutic delights of natural home fragrance. Known as being environmentally friendly their products are also palm oil free. We are so proud to have this brand to represent our category of natural home fragrance at Natural Beauty Collection. The diffuser reeds are awesome and YES they work –no PG or alcohol, just 100% natural essential oils and their locally grown virgin olive oil.

Their room mists are divine; you can smell the realness and authentic pure essential oils that are contained in these natural room mists (air fresheners). NO toxic or synthetic chemicals; only derived environmentally-friendly ingredients from areas of fair trade and sustainability.

We would like to share with you some delicious inviting aromas in your home, that smell divine that will always leave a good first impression for your guests and family. Products that are eco-friendly, green, non-toxic and not tested on animals. Whether you’re hosting a holiday party or just want a clean and fresh smelling home to come back to after a long day at work. Check out our blog post, sharing with you some delicious inviting aromas you can use in your home.