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Palm oil free

October 10, 2018 0 comments Fragrance, Makeup, Skin Care
PUBLISHED BY annette christy
Palm Oil Free – At Natural Beauty Collection, we are committed to choosing organic skin care brands that are not only nourishing and healthy for your skin but are also ecologically sound.

We encourage you to choose palm oil free products or choose products that source sustainable palm oil.Certified sustainable palm oil is sourced from the cultivation of palm trees without the destruction of native forests.It is vital in the fight to save some of our most precious ecosystems and to stop the widespread destruction of native forests in subtropical Malaysia, Indonesia, Africa and South America.The Sumatran Orang-utan is predicted to be extinct in the wild within the next 10 years. Other animals such as the Sumatran Tiger, the Asian Elephant, and Asian Rhinoceros are also at risk.

Most products that we use every day contain palm oil.Palm oil is used in many baked goods, snacks, chocolate, margarine, soap, shampoo, conditioner, moisturizers, lipstick, domestic and industrial detergents, and it is being considered as a biofuel.In soaps it is often labeled ‘sodium palmate’ or ‘sodium palm kernelate’, indicating palm or palm kernel oil. It is hidden in toiletries under a variety of names since palm oil is used to manufacture many ingredients – including almost every emulsifier you would find in skin care products.

Palm oil free products at Natural Beauty Collection.

At our online store with every product, we note to you if they are palm oil free. Organic beauty products such as most toners, hydrators, most serums, most oil cleansers,100% certified organic essential oils, and facial oils, do not contain palm oil. A product that is 100% preservative free, containing no emulsifiers are palm oil free. Tocopherol ( vitamin E ) is made from olive, soybean, safflower, sunflower, corn, and peanut oil. Vegetable Glycerin can be sourced from Coconut and Soy.Caprylic/capric triglyceride is sourced from fractionated coconut oil.

Mokosh, Metta Skincare, Synthesis Organics, First Light Babies Organics, Dindi Naturals are on the Palm Oil Free Shopping list. Mokosh is a proud Green partner sponsor of The Orangutan Project. Our Chikii range of mineral foundations and Nudus Lipsticks are also palm oil free. Synthesis Organics Tisanes, and Superfeast mushrooms are palm oil free. Our Beautiful Botanical perfumes are also palm oil free.

We instantly fell in love with our Meenoo Organics body mousse, such beautiful moisturisers. With a luxurious soft whipped texture that is fluffy and soft, easy to spread, absorbs fast, and feels so lovely and non-greasy on the skin. The aromas are heavenly.

We have the Synthesis Organics certified organic hair care and the Hand and body wash at our store as our palm oil free alternatives. They contain the gentle surfactant Decyl Glycoside ( sugar derivative ), Soy Lecithin and Locust Bean Gum. 100% plant derived and vegan.

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding any of our ingredient listings. We try our best to source products that are palm oil free and we always ask in writing to our brand suppliers if THEY believe that their products contain no palm oil.