Organic Facial Cleansers

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Organic Facial Cleansers – Find the perfect cleanser for your skin type.

Clean skin is happy skin. Cleansing is the most accessible, least expensive and most important element of maintaining healthy skin. It is the building block of a healthy skin care regime. We carefully select our organic skin care products, and when it comes to the art of face washing, we take it pretty seriously.

The cleanser you use is the essential part of your skincare routine. It is the start and end of your day, it simultaneously clears off the dirt and grime and preps your skin for your products so if you’re using the wrong one, your other products just won’t be as effective.

It is super important to know what you are putting on your skin so be sure to check the ingredients. You want to make sure you do not see ethanols or chemicals that could increase the overall appearance of aging. Use a cleanser with natural ingredients that aren’t stripping or detrimental to the skin’s mantle so that it can more readily absorb the nutrients that you offer it in the rest of your routine.

So! What do you look for in a cleanser? If you want great looking skin, invest in a high-performance, high-quality, well-formulated cleanser. There are many different formulas of organic facial cleansers, and how they work and benefit with varying types of skin.

Organic Facial Cleansers – Types of organic facial cleansers and what works for your skin type.

Let’s get a little bit more in-depth about which type of organic facial cleansers work best for which types of skin.

Gel Cleansers – suitable for combination/oily/acne-prone/sensitive.

We are not fans of foaming cleansers. There may be some on the market that will leave your skin clean without stripping, but if you have an exceptionally dry complexion, these tend to be drying on the skin. If you have oily skin, a gel cleanser is far more gentle for your skin type.
A gel cleanser is great for people that are working with oily or combination skin and people working with clogged pores. It’s a deeper cleanse that often includes ingredients like witch hazel and neem, which can help to balance natural oils and tighten pores. Our formulas are perfect for purifying your complexion, and our gel cleansers contain active ingredients to help combat acne and to exfoliate the skin. They are lightweight, hydrating cleansers that rinse thoroughly, leaving skin feeling fresh and, of course, clean. Most gel cleansers easily remove light makeup and regular mascara. Our gel cleansers are suitable for sensitive and redness-prone skin.
A gel cleanser is excellent to use for a post-workout clean as it can cut through dirt, grime, and sweat better than other types of cleanser. Gel cleansers can work well for all skin types, and some people even use them as an all-over body wash.

Our Annmarie Citrus Mint Cleanser is pH balanced, and it’s terrific for oily to combination skin, clogged pores, and post-workout washes. We love it for balancing excess oils and for people working to tone their pores without stripping the skin’s acid mantle. We don’t often recommend this for dry skin because it can be a bit too drying but if you are a person experiencing dry skin with clogged pores that could be from environmental factors, this cleanser might be the one for you.

Cream Cleansers – normal to dry/sensitive/ageing skin.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, try a cream cleanser. This will cleanse impurities while injecting nourishing ingredients back into the surface. These are gentle on the skin and are suitable for most complexions. They help to soothe any redness and inflammation. Cream cleansers have a moisturising, silky texture that feels protective as you wash and that cleanses while leaving a weightless veil of hydration after rinsing. These types of cleansers are adept at removing most kinds of makeup, but you may need a separate makeup remover for those who wear extra-heavy makeup.
If you’re working with normal or combination skin that isn’t an oil slick in the t-zone or sensitive skin, this is also a good choice for you. This type of cleanser is more gentle than a gel, and since it’s made to be both hydrating and moisturizing while removing build-up from your day, it’s lovely for prepping skin to absorb the extra nourishment that it needs.

Our Annmarie Aloe-Herb Cleanser is a gentle cream cleanser that is great for removing makeup (try putting it on a cotton ball if you’re lifting makeup) and any gunk your skin might have picked up throughout the day. We recommend it as a cleanser for everyone on the normal to dry skin spectrum, but if you’re working with oily skin or clogged pores, this cleanser may not be exactly what you’re looking for.

Skin Cleansing Oils – all skin types/dry/sensitive/oily/eczema/makeup removal.

Being beauty product purists, we enjoy the ritual of self-care by doing your first cleanse in the evening with a skin cleansing oil. They make quick work of dissolving the most stubborn makeup and sunscreen. Facial massage, breathing in the healing essential oils, and using a warm washcloth to rinse off is the ultimate nighttime ritual.
These overachieving performers are an excellent solution for all skin types. It is the matter of selecting the right oils for your skin type. These cleansers do not contain any preservatives and are usually 100% certified organic. These are rich and ultra-moisturizing. They envelop and pamper your skin with their bounty of beauty benefits. A cleansing experience that removes makeup and leaves a soft, replenished feeling on the skin.

Coconut oil can work for some of us as a facial cleanser, but for some people, moisturizing and cleansing with this oil can clog pores and cause breakouts. Using coconut oil does not work for all skin types. If you are an oily/blemish prone/combination skin type, we suggest using other oils for cleansing. ( Hazelnut, Grapeseed, Black Cumin Seed ). The best form of coconut oil to use is extra virgin coconut oil, as it undergoes limited processing and has higher nutrients and antioxidants. This form can be too heavy especially for oily skin types.

Coconut oil that is a liquid at room temperature is actually “fractionated” coconut oil—a form of the oil that has had the long-chain fatty acids removed. The result is a product, which though it lacks some of the healthy fatty acids (like lauric acid), is still full of medium-chain fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants. This type of coconut oil works great as a carrier oil for helping other, beneficial oils to penetrate the skin. It absorbs quickly without clogging pores and can be useful for oily skin.

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Micellar Water – all skin types, we do not recommend using these if you have sensitive skin.

We consider Micellar Waters more of a makeup remover than a cleanser, but it’s hard to deny their extreme convenience. We do not suggest making it your daily cleaner, but they are a quick deal for those nights you come home late, and you just can’t be bothered, or a ready cleanse after you have been to the gym. There are not many truly clean Micellar Waters out there, so look at the ingredient listing and make up your mind if you would put these ingredients on your skin. That is why we do not recommend using one for sensitive skin. Micellar Water is handy to use with cotton tips to correct makeup mistakes, and for spot-cleaning for makeup brushes. Although looking at the prices on some, I think it would be a waste of money.

Overall cleaning your face is a crucial part of your success in achieving healthy skin.  We have seen so many people gain incredible improvements from merely switching to a good quality face cleanser. Washing your face correctly is the base for everything else you do for your skin, so don’t write it off just because you wash it off!  Make a switch to a well-designed facial cleanser and see what happens to you.

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We love how this cleanser can make you feel that you are having an exotic spa treatment, each time you use it. Yes, it does cost more, but with its therapeutic benefits, and how it leaves your skin feeling perfectly clean and dewy, and the sensory experience it is truly divine.

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