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by in Skin Care September 16, 2018

Organic Face Masks – One great excuse is indulging in some ‘me time’ and to take that much-needed break from the daily stresses. Nothing is more enticing than a long soak in a warm bath.

This is also the perfect time to give yourself ten minutes of pure bliss for your face with applying an organic face mask. Giving your skin a soothing, rejuvenating, hydrating face mask is a “real treat”.
Adding an organic facial mask treatment as part of your beauty regime at least once or twice a week, no matter what your skin type, does wonders for your skin. A good organic face mask can go a long way to draw out impurities, revitalizing dull tired skin, improve skin elasticity, to beautifully hydrate, accelerate cell renewal, brighten your skin tone, help diminish wrinkles, and in the long term help prevent breakouts.
We have some pretty awesome organic face masks at Natural Beauty Collection, with deliciously silky textures and heavenly scents with the perfect combinations of potent active ingredients that are magical acne fighters, antioxidant protectors, deep cleansers and skin rejuvenators. Our organic facial masks will not dry out your skin. They are not harsh or irritating. They just feel nice and cool. They go on smooth and after you have washed them off, your complexion will feel silky, fresh, clean and glowing.

Clay ingredients

The one ingredient we always look for in an organic face mask is clay. What makes clays so beneficial is the high concentration of minerals. Minerals are a must to maintaining a healthy functioning body, but also to maintain healthy vibrant skin. These minerals include calcium,magnesium,bromide,potassium,silica,sulfate and zinc. Zinc has incredible benefits in healing and repairing damaged skin. Magnesium is also a key player in having healthy skin. Magnesium helps to hydrate the skin, prevents wrinkles, reduces breakouts, tackles and relieves skin allergies. It can help to soothe and relieve common skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis. Perfect for problematic and sensitive skin conditions.

Clays are unbelievable when it comes to absorbing oils and impurities from the skin. They reduce dryness, flakiness, removes dead skin cells, absorbs oils and improve the texture and appearance of the surface of your skin.

Which organic face masks do we recommend.

Below is our hero organic face masks that we think are the best. They are packed with the most potent ingredients to address every kind of skin concern and to get the job done.

Siam Seas Purifying Head to Toe Herbal Mask ( suitable for all skin types ).

Indulge in this bottle of love and enjoy the most luscious, luxurious skin ritual. Packed with skin purifying herbs that helps clear toxins, open and clears clogged pores and removing dead skin cells.

If your skin is acting up, this is perfect treatment. It is great to use to reduce congestion, acne, and redness. Customizable to address personal skin concerns, this mask may be used on both face and body.

Siam Seas Purifying Herbal  Head Toe Mask dries up like a clay mask but it doesn’t dry up the skin. Your skin will look brighter and even toned. You don’t need much and the quantity you get is sufficient to last for months.  Siam Seas Purifying Herbal Mask comes in a beautiful glass jar with a wooden spoon which is fixed to the side so you don’t have to run to the kitchen to get one every time you decide to indulge in this mask. The jar looks also looks very pretty sitting on the bathroom shelf.

Great for all skin types, it’s like a cleansing shot of vitamins for the skin. This skincare saviour leaves your skin feeling baby-soft and it smells like heaven. Great to mix this with a little coconut water into a paste.

The Blissoma Lavish Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask ( suitable for sensitive skin).

The Blissoma lavish Loving Recovery Beta-glucan Mask is a luxurious moisture immersion for whenever skin needs unsurpassed calming and care. This beautiful and thick formula is manna from heaven for a dry, stressed, sensitive, and inflamed skin. Anti-reactive herbs blend with a generous helping of restorative oils, oat milk, and cupuacu butter to rebuild skin from deep within. A once a week mask with Lavish and your skin will be feeling like it has had the star treatment. If you suffer from chronic winter dry skin, redness, roughness, flakiness or just want to have more resilient, hydrated skin this needs to be on your to-do list.

The Blissoma Refine Clay Renewal Treatment (Acne Prone skin/problem skin).

The Blissoma Refine Clay Renewal Treatment is a creamy facial clay formula to perfect, smooth, exfoliate, detoxify and even skin tone. This little tub of goodness is already mixed, so that means no fuss for you and always the right consistency. The mask base is Rhassoul clay, mined from lava clay beds in Morocco. Used by fine spas around the world it is high in Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium, Silica, and Sodium. It has a high rate of ion exchange which rids you of what you don’t need and infuses the good back in. Also included is organic Licorice to lighten sun damage, Willowbark to exfoliate, and a bevy of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory herbs to soothe and prevent flare-ups. Unrefined Oils of organic Cranberry seed and organic Red Raspberry straight from pressing offer nourishment and natural source Vitamin E. Clogged pores are one of the prime reasons for acne flare-ups and Refine keeps pores open. Willowbark gently dissolves away dead skin cells even without scrubbing, which can aggravate very sensitive skin. The clays and minerals soften pores and encourage them to detox properly. The Zinc content also manages bacteria on the surface of the skin and topically soothes. You can dot it on a blemish and leave it on overnight for intensive antibacterial and calming results.

Customer review – “It’s my go-to still to this day. It’s the best facial mask I’ve used that restores, invigorates, feels great, doesn’t smell or feel overly thick, and lasts a really long time. I love this mask! It even works as a spot treatment, and sometimes I leave it on overnight. It does not make your face red/sensitive as other masks do. It smells nice and spreads easily. I feel like it has really cleared up some small clogged pores I had. Highly recommend!”

The Blissoma Glow Good Earth Exfoliant Powder (Normal, Combination, Oily, Mature, Dull, Congested, Hyperpigmented).

This energy shot brings sluggish, lackluster skin back to life. Blissoma Glow Good Earth Exfoliant Powder is packed with 13 active ingredients, including our favourite Bentonite clay that pulls toxins out of the skin like a magnet. This also has the anti-aging offerings of organic Olive leaf and Turmeric. This also is a potent vitamin c skin treatment, with exfoliating fruit enzymes. The powder texture is formulated to keep all the ingredients fresh until you activate the powder with water. Need a deep-cleaning mask that dives deep into pores and helps purify even the oiliest skin? This detox mask is the answer to your prayers—a wonder product that cleanses without stripping.
Customer review – “I have only used it about once a week, but it feels so good. I have been mixing a very small amount with Fresh, my face wash, and the fine granules exfoliate and leave my skin feeling soft and clean. I am going to start using it twice a week since I don’t have any sensitivities since I started using Blissoma several years ago. Thanks for another great product!”

Annmarie Gianni purifying mud mask ( Anti-aging, oily, sensitive, dry).

A mixture of French rose clay, Dead Sea Clay and Rhassoul clay PLUS the nutritive blue-green algae chlorella algae. Chlorella is true super food, will give your skin a true vitamin and antioxidant boost. Most importantly, chlorella helps with the production of collagen and thereby will help to make the skin firmer and fight wrinkles. French Rose Clay is a softer, gentle clay, it’s cleansing action that isn’t too harsh, without stripping skin of vital moisture.
Used regularly, this mask will draw toxins and oils to the surface to be washed away, which will help reduce the appearance of acne, blackheads, and milia. The exfoliating and polishing action gradually reduces the appearance of pores and helps increase circulation, bringing fresh blood and oxygen to the skin to help tone down inflammation and puffiness.
As your skin gets used to the regular special treatment, it will also respond by regenerating Collagen and Elastin, giving you a more lifted, firm appearance. The consistent exfoliation can also help reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as fade hyperpigmentation, age spots, and scarring.
We like that the Purifying Mud Mask comes in a powder form. This allows it to stay fresher longer. As it is in powder form means that you’ll have to mix it up yourself to make the mask. This is super-easy! Besides, you can customize your mask to be as thin or thick as you’d like.

Meenoo Organics Australian Clay Mask.

Meenoo Organic Australian Clay Mask is rich in beautifying minerals to help draw out toxins, balance and restore the skin’s surface. Containing calcium, magnesium, silica, sodium, copper, iron and potassium – this formulation certainly is a powerhouse in a pot! The mask will improve the overall quality and health of the skin by drawing out toxins and reducing inflammation.

Meenoo Organics Australian Clay mask is dry as this keeps all ingredients fresh and potent until you are ready to use them. On contact with water, they become activated, ensuring that your mask will always be as fresh as can be whilst all the amazing properties of the Clays and other ingredients will be protected.

This gives you five to ten minutes of pure bliss for your face, so indulgent, and goes on light and smooth. We love it!

Synthesis Zeolite Detox Mask – If you suffer from cystic acne, blemishes, excess oil or basically every general skin problem you can think of, then you need this mask in your life. This “detoxifying” mask will clear pores and leave skin beautiful and refreshed after every use.

“This stimulating mask works wonders if you break out or want to clear clogged pores,” raves one reader. “It gives you a gorgeous rosy glow afterward, and your skin looks, and feels clean and refreshed.”
To read more about the benefits of Zeolite and about our products that contain this amazing ingredient go HERE.

Learn more about our NEW Annmarie Illuminating Pearl Mask HERE.

Have a look at our Cannabella Green Detox Face Mask, green goodness and fresh to bring real nourishment to the skin and Acne treatment.

So get it now and use these organic face masks often. We love the mixture of raw, natural ingredients that deliver powerful antioxidants to the skin while deeply cleansing and purifying. It’s like a little spa vacation at home, leaving you with a glowing complexion that’s truly amazing.

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