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Olive oil – A skin-loving ingredient

April 7, 2017 0 comments Skin Care
PUBLISHED BY annette christy
The beauty benefits of Olive oil.

We all know that Extra virgin olive oil you cook with or drizzled on a salad dressing is super healthy. It contains antioxidants and heart-healthy fats. Olive oil is also valued for its flavour.Olive oil plays a significant role in the Mediterranean diet which is recognised as the most healthy and well-balanced diet.

Olive leaves and olive leaf extract—both from the leaves of the olive tree, rather than the fruit—also have many health benefits, including the potential to boost the immune system and to fight off harmful bacteria. Clinical trials have shown olive leaf extract as having potential in the treatment of viral diseases like herpes, pneumonia, the flu, and the shingles. Both the leaves and the extract are also rich in antioxidants.

Olive oil also has a number of beauty benefits. You can consume the oil, apply directly on skin or add a bit to a warm bath.
Read more about the beauty benefits of olive oil, olive fruit oil, olive leaf extract and olive squalene. We will also list the advantages of these olive oil beauties found in our organic beauty products.

Olive oil terms – Cetearyl Olivate and Sorbitan Olivate is an emulsifying wax from plant oils ( e.g.coconut oil ). Sodium Olivate is saponified olive oil, that is used in soap making process of combining water, lye and olive oil.

Benefits of Olive oil.


Olive oil contains linoleic acid, a fatty acid that helps moisturise. Olive oil and olive squalene contribute to the composition of your skin’s natural moisturising factor. These reduce evaporation, lubricate the surface of the skin and smooth it. These improve and strengthen the barrier function of your skin.

Gentle body Cleanser.

Our Mokosh palm oil free soaps contain olive oil (sodium olivate) as a base ingredient. Olive oil is deeply moisturising and nourishing for your skin. Olive oil soap is one of the best treatments for dry skin and will help treat rashes, psoriasis, eczema and body acne. No petroleum oil or animal fats which can be drying and irritate the skin. Mokosh soap is rich in hydrating glycerin, a water-attractant which helps keep the skin hydrated. Mokosh handmade soaps are just delicious, with a rich gentle lather. You can also choose two soaps from the range that have combinations of real essential oils that are uplifting and soothing.

Our Synthesis organics hand and body wash is truly amazing. It utilises the enriching properties of the hydrating and healing benefits of olive leaf extract.This is really creamy, it suds up well and smells clean and crisp. A little goes a long way to creating a luxurious foaming experience in the shower. Wash your body with this and stress goes down the drain. Palm oil free,100% plant derived vegan and made with certified organic and biodynamic ingredients.

Facial oil cleanser.

We love cleansing our skin and removing makeup with oils. You will find that this oil is found in a couple of our favourite skin cleansing oil products. If you would like to know more about oil cleansing, click on this link HERE.

Blissoma Free, Refine and Glow contain olive leaf extract with its antiviral,anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. With a base of olive leaf extract, Blissoma Refine Renewal Mask gently cleanses and dissolves away dead skin cells. Rhassoul clay draws impurities and softens pores. With organic cranberry and red raspberry oils to ensure your skin is nourished, smooth supple and hydrated.

Perfect moisture oil without clogging pores.

Because of its unique ability to mix with water, it helps your skin moisturise without clogging pores. This makes it a great hydrator for all types of skin, even sensitive and combination skin that may be prone to clogged pores. Annmarie Gianni Herbal Facial oil for normal and combination skin has olive oil for more soothing moisture to those dry areas without clogging pores in the oily parts of the skin.


Olive leaves and olive oil have several different antioxidants, all of which help protect from environmental stressors. Olive oil also has vitamin A and E. Olive leaves contain several beneficial flavonoids, including quercetin, rutin, and kaempferol. Olive oil is also a natural sun protector.
We love Annmarie Gianni Sun Love, a tinted moisturiser with the official SPF rating of 20, with 15% zinc oxide. It is a super effective moisturiser with moisturising oils of Sunflower, Pumpkin Seed, Hemp Seed, Olive fruit oil, Seabuckthorn berry and Buriti fruit oils. It gives your skin a hint of shimmer and we love the creamy texture.

Treat difficult dry skin problems.

Olives contain squalene, and our skin’s sebum naturally contains this fatty compound which keeps our skin supple. As we age our skin does not produce as much. If you have difficulty in clearing skin problems or nothing seems to work with dry rashes, psoriasis and eczema; give your skin a dose of pure olive oil or apply olive squalene. Olive squalene helps to promote new cell growth. We find that this is brilliant. Use lightly warmed olive oil and massage into a dry, flaky scalp or to treat dandruff. Also, use to manage frizzy hair or repair split ends.

Anti-aging benefits.

Now for the best part. Olive oil can help to improve skin elasticity and has regenerative properties. It can help prevent age spots, reduces under-eye wrinkles, heals scars, helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, prevents UV damage and promotes cell growth. Pretty impressive isn’t it?

Lepaar 24k Skin precious face oil is like liquid velvet, your skin will feel instantly smooth and soft. Just use four drops to cover your whole face and neck. Lepaar uses certified Demeter biodynamic olive oil, extra virgin, antioxidant rich olive oil. Stunning!

Synthesis Organics REPLENISH Elixir contains Olive Squalane, which is hailed as “Mother Nature’s Facelift”. Olive Squalene is naturally found in our own skin sebum – it rapidly declines as we age, so this is a great product to use to replace squalene in your skin. This softens skin, smoothing away fine lines, improves skin firmness and skin tone and improvement of skin’s hydration levels. With Marine Extracts, Sea buckthorn oil, Rose otto, Frankincense, and Sandalwood. This absorbs beautifully, goes on silky smooth and makes your skin look radiant.

Olive oil, a skin loving ingredient, is one to look out for in your organic beauty products. What skin benefits have you experienced with using olive oil?

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