Nudus Lipstick Review

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Nudus Lipstick Review. At Natural Beauty Collection we always strive to represent the most healthy, safe, high-quality makeup brands at our store.

Everything about the Nudus Organic Lipstick range is impressive, and they are worth every penny.  We think these are worth a try, especially if you are a fan of green beauty and want to treat yourself to a luxurious new lipstick. We love these and give these a big thumbs up.

Read more on why you should invest in a Nudus lipstick. You will love all the qualities of lipstick that look great on and keep your lips moisturised, nourished and soft. Nudus Lipsticks are a work of art and worth admiration    made of excellent natural ingredients that have so many skin and lip benefits, with gorgeous, highly pigmented and long-lasting colours. 

The packaging looks gorgeous; sleek square white cases with a unique little-sketched woman on the silver inner casing and a discrete black Nudus brand name displayed on just one side of the lid. The packaging is sturdy, and it is easy to wipe clean.

On the Nudus lipstick box, you’ll see a COSMOS Organic certification—they were the first in Australia to achieve that honour. This organic certification requires not only full traceability of ingredients but also transparency in how the ingredients are processed.

Nudus Lipstick Review – A lipstick that is healthy to wear.

When we saw the ingredients listing, we could not contain ourselves.

There’s a heap of great natural ingredients in these lipsticks – a lot more than you will find in other ingredient listings in other lipsticks. We tend to think anything we put on the delicate lip area needs to be of the best quality available, after all, there is a high chance we will end up swallowing some of the said lipstick ingredients found in most conventional lipsticks.

Nudus Organic Lipstick is as it says. WOW! an “organic” lipstick that lives up to its label.

Nudus Lipsticks are –

Handcrafted using Ayurvedic principles that provide vibrant pigment colours to the lips by combining bioactive ancient Ayurvedic colours and Extracts made from flowers, fruits, herbs, and minerals.

Cruelty-free, non-GMO, Gluten-free and Australian made. Free from parabens, dyes, hydrogenated oils, pesticides, lanolin, fungicides, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, artificial colours, and nano-particles.

What you will find is a list of natural cold pressed oils, waxes, and dyes like Kiwi seed, Avocado oil, Pomegranate oil, Pumpkin, Raspberry, Moringa and Argan oil for healthy lips.

Organic Shea Butter gives these lipsticks a creaminess, with moisturising, regenerative and protective benefits.

Coral seaweed extract is a red algae rich in oligo-elements (iron, magnesium, and zinc) and is both moisturising and remineralising which is especially helpful for aging skin.

Carmine a red colourant is derived from bugs. So those, who are vegans, these lipsticks might not be for you.

What if you have sensitive skin?

If you are chemically sensitive, then Nudus can be a better alternative lipstick. If you have allergies to natural waxes and things like essential oils, then Nudus suddenly become a not-so-wise choice of lipstick.

All Nudus shades are made of mica to give them that shimmer. So if you have a sensitivity to small mica particles, then it may cause some problems.

If you have any food allergies, then you want to be sure to check the ingredient labels. For example, the red shades can include carmine, which, while natural, is a common irritant to many.

Nudus Lipstick Review – Lovely gorgeous colours.

Our favourite thing about Nudus is the flattering colour palette and the lasting power, which is second to none. These are beautiful, grown up and glamorous colours and textures that make you feel great when you wear them. You can mix the colours to create a new shade! Go ahead and experiment!

Nudus Colour Swatches.

27 Kisses  – Is a universally flattering matte pink-mauve. Lovely to use for everyday wear. An elegant nude-ish lipstick.

Naked – Naked is a classic nude colour or a light brown, cappuccino side of colour with a tiny bit of shimmer. It goes well with the Nudus Halo. This shade works nicely with brown-colour based eye makeup, and for both, the eye makeup and the lip colour to stand out, a bit of a vibrant, matte brown-purple-burgundy eyeshadow would do the trick. Naked can be worn alone or as a base for the other brighter shades.

Precious – A bold hot pink. A happy summer colour.  It looks like it’s going to be a coral pink when you first look at it, but it is gorgeous.

Just Like Jade – It is dusty mauve/plum shade but looks super natural not purple. With a hint of bronze shimmer, vibrant colour. A beautiful, elegant evening wear colour. Wear it during the day with lip balm to make it look more subtle.

Fairy Tales  – A light coral colour. This is so unique and gives a sheer wash of orange shimmer. Great for spring and summer!

Halo  Pretty and creamy almost standard pink, but not of the cheap-looking variety. A semi-matte light rose colour with a hint of frost.

Dirty Diana – A deep berry lip colour. A rich Bordeaux.

Revenge – A bright cool red lip colour.

Bitter Sweet – A burnt rustic orange lip colour. A lovely lipstick with fantastic pigmentation!  Neutral and flattering. Red with orange undertones. We love it!

Survivor – A stunning Fuchsia pink.

Amalia – Subtle link sheer wash of colour.

Dreamtime – A gorgeous earthy red.

Ruby Red – Reddish pink. A beautiful vibrant colour.

Viva – A soft purplish pink shade.

Zo Zo – A deep vibrant purple shade.

Nudus Lipstick Review – Lipstick performance and wear.

With all these fantastic lip-beneficial ingredients, you will find that your lips will feel soft and deliciously hydrated. No dry lips, no flakey lips. These babies have a lovely matte finish, and they have high staying power. You will find that you will need to reapply after eating/drinking. They do have a sweet scent but do not taste disgusting.

These lipsticks ooze quality, we love the texture and wear, and they’re just so pretty. They feel and look amazing on the lips.  The quality of the product is reflected in the price. Invest in a Nudus lipstick for $42, and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

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