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Switch to choosing natural scents and healthy perfume options.

Many of us have a chemical sensitivity to fragrance.There is a lot of evidence that artificially scented products may also trigger migraine headaches, allergies and asthma attacks.A Fragrance is found in many of your personal care products including hair care, body wash, mascara, and lipstick.They are found in perfumes,laundry and cleaning products.The sweet, smelling air fresheners, reed diffusers, body sprays, scented shampoos are made with synthetic fragrant perfume ingredients, and yes they are bad for you and also for the environment. We strongly suggest that you consider avoiding all artificial fragrances and choose natural scents made from high quality 100% pure essential oils and organic skin care products and botanical perfumes that fragranced with seeds,flowers,fruits,bark extracts,and herbs. Protect yourself and others, by replacing your artificial fragrance with botanical-based products. If you would like to read more about why we choose not to represent products that contain synthetic fragrances, have a look at our links below that outline the health and environmental hazards of synthetic fragrances. Fragrance

Natural Scents – Our tips on what to look for as you transition to healthy natural scent options

Avoid air fresheners,car fresheners and carpet deodorisers. To clear the air use non-aerosol sprays which are effective at dissolving airborne odours, instead of scented aerosol sprays, liquids that emit a continuous scent, or solid air fresheners. Would you like to read more about ways to deodorise your home naturally

Watch out for any product that lists “fragrance” or “parfum” on the label.

Products that claim to be “fragrance-free” or “unscented” could contain masking agents that give off a neutral odour, so it is best if the word “fragrance” does not appear on the label at all. Mokosh an Australian made certified organic as a couple of essential oil-free options.

If a product says “Made with…” it can mean as little as 1 percent of the ingredients in the bottle.

For the best natural perfume in scented candles, try those made from soy, coconut, or beeswax, and make sure their fragrance is made from 100% therapeutic essential oils.

Labels that claim a product is “natural” or “biodegradable” do not mean that it is necessarily free of synthetic fragrances or other chemicals.

Natural and organic beauty products which are certified organic and contain organic ingredients do not contain synthetic fragrances and contain the best natural scents. Organic essential oils in your beauty products give many benefits for your skin.

Essential oils are not the same thing as fragrance oils.Essential oils come from plants, while fragrance oils are artificial and often contain synthetic chemicals. While they may smell good and are always less expensive, they will not give you the therapeutic benefits of organic essential oils, and might not be a whole lot safer than a product with pure essential oils.

Also note that essential oils should be used with caution, especially during pregnancy, as they can produce potent changes in tiny amounts. It’s a good idea to consult someone knowledgeable in aromatherapy before experimenting with these oils.

Our botanical perfumes are entirely free of synthetic fragrances. Read our article on our perfume brands that we have in store.

It just makes sense to educate yourself and the people you care about…who wants to be breathing in synthetic chemicals and petroleum….YUCK!

Do you have any helpful tips on how to avoid synthetic fragrances to share with us and our readers?

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  1. Annette was so helpful answering all of my questions about natural scents- she’s a wealth of knowledge!
    This new website is brilliant.

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