Mineral Makeup Benefits

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Mineral Makeup Benefits. If you have never used mineral makeup, let us give you some great reasons why it is totally worth trying it. 

Check out below the amazing benefits of Mineral Makeup and make the swap. It was important for us to choose formulas with our mineral foundation makeup range to benefit all skin types. Our Chikii Multi-Purpose foundations are so versatile, to give you an even, flawless finish. We will show you how our mineral powders and mineral creme foundations can be used the way you need it to.

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Mineral Makeup Benefits.

Suitable for Sensitive Skin.

Mineral makeup is free from preservatives, mineral oil, chemicals, artificial dyes, and fragrances. Mineral makeup is less likely to cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin. It is considered to be safer compared to mainstream, chemical-loaded makeup. As it is free from petroleum, mineral makeup is an excellent choice for those who have acne-prone skin – it won’t clog pores, thus not causing breakouts. Zinc Oxide is known for its anti-inflammatory properties that will stop those breakouts. Minerals absorb excess oil without over-drying the skin.

Our Chikii foundations may help to calm irritation and soothe the skin. We do not use Kaolin, as it can dry the skin. We do not use Bismuth Oxychloride as it is known to irritate sensitive and inflamed skin.

Safe for your health and the environment.

Modern makeup consumers are looking for safe, non-toxic, organic products. Our range is made from just a few naturally occurring ingredients that are safe to use on your skin. Chikii is 100% Australian made. Our minerals are also FREE from Ferric Ferrocyanide, Fillers, Talc, Carmine and other beauty destroying chemicals. We are proud to state that none of our products are tested on animals. Chikii minerals are developed and have the philosophy of being kind to the environment, no wasteful packaging here ( that is why you can purchase our foundations at a more affordable price). Our makeup is Vegan and certified Toxic-Free.

Mineral Makeup provides a natural finish.

Mineral makeup offers excellent coverage while still allowing for a great natural look. It looks incredibly natural when applied to the skin. You will find that you will use less product with your mineral powder than you do with a regular foundation. It does not settle into fine lines or wrinkles, just a smooth even coverage and a healthy glow. Mica makes the skin look smoother, softer and more radiant, as it has light reflecting properties.

Mineral Makeup is buildable.

Mineral makeup can often be layered to create the exact effect you want while providing smooth, natural-looking skin. You can even skin tone and give your skin a hint of colour, or you can get full coverage and hide all imperfections.

Mineral Makeup as a natural sunscreen.

Non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide act as physical sunblocks. Our Chikii Minerals provides an Australian approved SPF15 sun protection rating. Protecting your skin is one of the best ways to keep your skin looking youthful and fresh, so mineral makeup is an excellent choice for sun protection.

Applying your Minerals to suit your skin type.

Normal and combination skin – Use a balancing moisturiser or facial oil for your skin type and mix a little bit of your makeup colour right into your moisturiser to make a liquid foundation, and apply with your brush. Then tap a little bit into the lid of your powder container and then use a brush to apply evenly over your face. You can brush a little bit more on those extra oily places or use our Lily Lolo finishing powder to help keep the shine down. Blend together, and you are ready to go.

Dry/mature skin – We love using our Chikii Foundation Creme for this skin type as it contains refined oils, and it blends in beautifully with a sponge and then buff with a brush. You can use our Chikii mineral powder and form a liquid foundation with your moisturiser or facial oil. Just mix together and apply with your sponge and buff with a brush.

Oily skin – For oily skin, we suggest using a dry powder to give you a matte finish. It is important to apply your moisturiser for your skin type before you brush the minerals on over the top. Using a finishing powder ( Lily Lolo ) after your foundation will help to reduce the shine and help your foundation last longer. You will find that you get the full coverage you need without resorting to using oily thick formulas.

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Our Chikii mineral foundation range is vegan, palm oil free, cruelty-free and contain 100% pure minerals. Australian certified toxin-free. Go here to our Foundation Shade Finder. We guarantee that you will love our quality makeup, 100 % colour match guaranteed.

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