Jade Gua Sha Facial

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Jade Gua Sha Facial – Circulation-boosting treatment for your face.

Jade Gua Sha Facial and Jade Roller tools are both carved from Jade and used to help boost vitality and beautify the look of skin. Through different movements connected to these tools, you can soothe and detoxify skin, reduce the appearance of inflammation/puffiness, help to refine pores and alleviate other signs of aging.
These effects combined with the healing properties of the jade stone can lead to a brighter, firmer, smoother complexion. Beautiful, luxurious tools that make us feel better and look younger.

Facial benefits

    Creates a plumping effect

    Gives your skin a fresh and revived look

    Releases everyday tension

    Promotes an even skin tone

    Tones the skin

    Acts as a face rejuvenator

    Helps tighten and firm your look

    Brings radiance to your look

    Has a calming effect

    Temporarily firms and tightens

    Minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

    Lessens /reduces the appearance of dark circles under the eyes

    Brightens and lightens your look

    Temporarily reduces the appearance of puffiness

We love using our Gua Sha tools. Benefits can be achieved depending on your pressure, speed, direction and which edge you use. It is beneficial at draining the lymph nodes so that you will notice a big difference in the overall appearance of your skin.

Jade Gua Sha Facial Tips. 

Another excellent benefit to Gua Sha is that you can do it yourself, so that makes it cost- capable and gives you the flexibility to do it anywhere, anytime. Even so, you have to make sure you’re executing caution when performing facial gua sha—especially if you’re starting. 

Here are some tips to get you started: 

PREP THE SKIN – Make sure the skin is clean and primed with a serum or facial oil so that your tool glides versus skips across your face.

BE GENTLE – Be gentle, especially in areas like the eyes where the skin is thinner. Start with light pressure until you become more comfortable with the technique. A heavy hand will only lead to bruising. Angle your tool as parallel to your face as possible. Never place the edge flat against the skin like you’re about to cut into something.

PULL YOUR SKIN TAUT  Take your free hand and hold the skin in the area you’re working in so that it’s taut. This will make it easier for you to manipulate your tool effectively.

UPWARD STROKES – Always make upward strokes—remember, you want to create a lifting effect.

2X A WEEK – For the best results, conduct facial gua sha two to three times per week.

WHEN TO AVOID GUA SHA – Avoid gua sha if you have an inflamed skin condition.

DIY Gua Sha

Now that you are aware of the benefits and precautions associated with Gua Sha, it’s time to try it first-hand. 

Here’s how

Start at your third eye chakra—the space between the eyebrows—and make a stroke up to your hairline.

Next, sweep from the center of the forehead above your eyebrows outwards towards your temples

Using the curved part of your gua sha tool, ( fish shape ) scrape underneath your eyebrow, right on the brow bone.

Using extremely light pressure, slowly stroke the area under your eyes where darkness/puffiness typically surfaces. Start from the side of your nose and move upwards towards your temple.

Next, go from the side of your nose, across your cheek, and up to the middle of your ear.

Repeat the same motion, except start at the corner of your mouth.

 Starting at the center of your chin, sweep under your lower lip and up towards the earlobe. ( use your U-shape tool using the notch on the tool).

Move under your jaw and sweep up to the bottom of your ear.

Finally, scrape from your jawbone and earlobe down to the middle of your collarbone. ( with your U-shape tool)/

Note this is the only downward motion as you are flushing your lymph system. Sweep from the center of your forehead—right under your hairline—to your temple, then down to your ear until you reach your neck and terminus area (the triangular area at the base of your neck.) Repeat several times.

Repeat steps one through nine a minimum of three times and a maximum of ten before moving on to the other side. Remember, practice makes perfect.

Note – There are many tutorials on Youtube on how to perform a Gua Sha massage, describing the use of different shapes to suit in massaging areas of your face.

Jade Massage Tools – Identify Fake Jade

With the resurgence of Jade as a coveted stone for its beauty and healing properties, the availability of Jade has appeared to double overnight. If you look, you can find an abundance of jade on Amazon and other online sources. Various physical objects and skin tools are now being advertised as made of Jade and sold over the internet for enticingly low prices.

Not all of these are Jade! Not all stones that are jade are real jade. Sadly, to capitalize on the demand for this precious stone many factories have mass produced coloured glass to look like jade and other manufacturers have mastered the art of replicating jade by dying and chemically treating different types of stone like marble, serpentine, aventurine and quartz. To access the suggested healing benefits of jade, you need to acquire the real stone with mineral content mirroring Nephrite or Jadeite Jade.

Jade is a beautiful stone with a long historical reign as a healing tool. It has stood the test of time and is valued for a magnitude of benefits. Most recently this mineral has resurfaced in the form of favorite skin healing tools, the gua sha, and jade roller. Its only challenge is identifying fake duplicates flooding the market. Like cubic zirconium diamonds, fake jade may look pretty and can meet your basic needs, but to gain access to the innate healing abilities of this mineral stone, I suggest you spend some time to find a quality source you trust then rest easy knowing you’re treating your skin well from the outside in. Many websites that have listed their jade use Xiuyan jade, which is known as “new Jade” or serpentine, which is a common substitute for nephrite jade. However, it is not real jade.

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