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Navigating Greenwashing – Find the best organic natural beauty products for you.

We understand why you can feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to choosing the right natural skin care products. Also, you want a product that works, is effective and contains safe, high-quality ingredients. All these labeling claims, greenwashing claims, certified organic ingredients, biodynamic, palm oil free, gluten free, vegan, wildcrafted, and natural ingredients.

Do you want to be educated more? Do you want to know how to choose the best organic beauty products? Hopefully, the following will help to ease any confusion about organic skin care and cosmetics.

It is all about the ingredient listing. Look for quality ingredients.

Greenwashing Labeling claims– Try not to trust the product label Hype, always check the ingredients. If a skincare company is selling you an anti-age active make sure that this ingredient is high on the list.

Botanical source – a botanically plant sourced ingredient will have a * saying that it is certified organic.

Cost of the product – If the price is cheap that is also an indicator of the quality of a product, especially if it contains mainly water.

Botanical names – Truly pure botanicals will also carry the Latin name, for example, certified organic Aloe Vera should have the botanical name Aloe Barbadensis in brackets.

Naturally derived ingredients – These usually come from a natural source and go through a processing method or with the use of synthetic chemicals. These ingredients will be listed under an organically certified standard only if there are no synthetic chemicals involved in the processing method.
The types of ingredients found in this category are emulsifiers and surfactants which provide the characteristic creamy and foaming qualities. These ingredients are biodegradable and are produced using renewable resources so are a much better choice for the environment than their synthetic counterparts.

The names of some of these ingredients that fall in this category are coco glucoside and sorbitan olivate.

There are ingredients that start out being natural but have been used to artificially create an end ingredient through processes using synthetic chemicals such as sodium laureth sulphate ( SLS)  which comes from coconut oil.

Natural ingredients – A truly natural ingredient is one that goes through the processing methods like cold-pressing, steam distillation and solvent extraction using ethanol, water or vegetable glycerine.
Now a natural ingredient may be grown using conventional or an organic farming method. One example is coconut oil, is it raw? virgin? cold-pressed or has it been bleached and deodorized? Always ask these questions when looking at a natural skin care brand.

Wildcrafted – These are plants that have grown wild in nature without human intervention and ideally harvested following wildcrafting guidelines to ensure high quality.

Raw skincare – Another benefit of choosing high quality and certified organic skin care brands is that their bioactive ingredients are all sourced as raw ingredients. Extracts and oils that are cold pressed, minerals that are sun-dried. Their ingredients are uncooked, unpolluted, vegan and also handmade fresh. Organic skin care products that retain their inner vitality and life energy. Antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids of the ingredients are intact; to nourish, revitalize, heal, and beautify your skin.

Vegan – a product can be ‘vegan’ if the ingredients are plant-based, mineral-based or synthetic.

Biodynamic one of the most ethical and sustainable forms of agriculture in existence. It excludes the use of artificial fertilizers and pesticides and relies on the natural interdependence between all the different components of the farm to create a self-sustaining, balanced and harmonious environment.

Palm oil freePalm oil is usually found in cleansers, body cleansers, soaps, moisturizers, makeup and in hair care.

Greenwashing cosmetics – There is only one certified organic lipstick range in Australia, which is Nudus. Some cosmetics do contain some certified organic ingredients, look at the * at the end of the ingredients.
Vegan cosmetics have no animal products in them, but they can contain naturally derived synthetics and colours.
It is important to check out the ingredients on the cosmetic database and look for low hazard scores. Read about healthy makeup here.

At Natual Beauty Collection, we have tried so many natural, organic and certified organic brands. That is why we are now talking about “clean beauty.” We have chosen brands that are pure, give fantastic results and have high sustainable ethical standards.
We are vegan-friendly and yes always cruelty-free, but not all of our brands are certified organic.
Sourcing brands that are local to us and supporting Australian business are also important.
We look for brands that are passionate, providing products to give you healthy glowing skin and are ethical in sourcing their ingredients.

We welcome any comments on greenwashing and share with us any of your experiences.

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