Fair Trade – Means sustainable trade

by in What we love November 8, 2017

Fair Trade means Sustainable Trade.

Some of our organic skin care ingredients need to be sourced from overseas because they are not grown in Australia, the U.S. or Canada.  A number of ingredients are grown in developing countries – such as cocoa butter, cocoa powder, coconut products, marula oil, and green tea. This is where Fairtrade comes in.

Purchasing these organic beauty ingredients means that workers are paid a fair price for their goods and labour. It is also about decent working conditions, local sustainability, equality for women and girls and giving communities better access to education and healthcare.

Rights we take for granted becomes a possibility in the world’s poorest communities.

Our ethical brands Metta, Blissoma, Annmarie Gianni, Pure Anada use fair trade ingredients in their skincare formulations.

Look for products that bear the Fair Trade logo, such as your organic coffee. We can all make a difference.

What does Fair Trade mean? Have a look below a fantastic Youtube video of what Fair Trade is all about.


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