Facial Massage

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Facial massage – learn how to give yourself a facial massage to help you maintain your beautiful looks.

A critical part of your self-care daily skin care routine is a regular facial massage. A daily facial massage offers many benefits. It’s not just skincare, it is about self-care.

Read more about the benefits of facial massage, and we also give you some terrific resource video links on facial massage techniques to follow to suit your skin type and skin condition.

Different massage techniques have different effects and benefits. Massage techniques can stimulate cell renewal, lift and tone, smooth our fine lines, drain fluids and toxins, calm irritated skin and help transport the active ingredients of your skin care products further into the skin to increase their effectiveness. Pressure point massage is ideal for anyone who suffers from tension headaches or sinus problems.

Benefits of Facial Massage.

Anti-aging – Massaging helps relax tight muscles, which in turn can help minimise wrinkles and fine lines. Massaging increases the effectiveness of your skin care products absorb more easily into the skin. Massage increases blood circulation to your face, providing your skin oxygen and other nutrients. More blood flow to the area increases collagen production, which gives a healthy and natural glow to your skin. A gentle massage around the eyes does wonders for dark circles.

Reduces anxiety and stress – Facial massages are a great way to pamper yourself and steal a little “me” time. A massage soothes your body as well as your mind. Place a warm towel on your face before a massage to give you that added effect. Massage soothes and induces a positive mood.

Supports the skin’s natural cleansing process – Your complexion becomes dull due to all the stress and the environmental pollution we face every day. A great way to detoxify your skin and make it look refreshed is a facial massage. A facial massage helps the removal of the layer of dead skin cells from the face and gives it a glowing appearance. Applying a warm towel to the face before a massage is a great way to soften the skin and open pores so the blackheads can be easily removed.
Massage helps stimulate blood flow and lymphatic drainage, which in turn supports the skin’s natural cleansing processes.

Facial Massage with your organic skin care.

Use skin care products you have on hand already like your favourite facial cleanser or facial oil. You can incorporate massage into the skincare steps you’re already doing. Facial massage might sound like another unnecessary (and time-consuming) step in your skincare routine. But just two minutes a day can help prevent wrinkles and relax your mind. Facial massage gives you the opportunity to increase the absorption of whatever product you’re using. The warmth from your hands and the rubbing motion helps your serum sink in, and your cleanser dissolves more makeup when you massage your skin. You want to use a product with a good slip like an oil or a serum, making sure you’re choosing products for your skin type.

By making facial massage a part of your daily routine, you’re doing yourself a huge favour. There are many different types of facial massages, so you should try a few different ones to determine which one suits your skin the best. Facial massage can be done by a beauty therapist or a professional massage therapist. A simple massage can be done at home. Nowadays there are many mechanic massaging devices available on the market to help you with your facial massage.

Now for the best part, how do you massage your face?

Here are some excellent video massage techniques that you can follow. Abigail James has some excellent and informative massage tutorials. She has massage techniques for anti-ageing, lymphatic drainage massage,( great for oily and acne skin) and massage with tools and more. These videos are brilliant. Enjoy!

Video links

Anti-ageing, Face lifting massage – Abigail James.

How to get rid of mouth lines with massage.

Massage to help get rid of puffy, tired eyes.

Face massage for Acne & Sensitive skin. Lymphatic drainage massage.

Enjoy this video from Blissoma.
www.blissoma.com/learn-how-to-give-yourself-a -facial-massage/

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