Energising morning routine

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Energising morning routine

Be empowered to consciously choose how you start your day.

Do you skip breakfast, and begin your day in a hurry…. or hit the snooze button for the tenth time and drag yourself out of bed?
The slow movement, low mood, without nourishment, puts your body under a lot of stress. Start your day with joy and feeling good, choose to feel inspired to start your day. What you do first thing in the morning to start each day really matters, and what you do in the first hour after you get up can help you look and feel your best for the rest of the day. Little daily practices to nurture and center yourself, to stay fit, healthy and with nourishing foods, will give you the focus, stamina and a positive outlook you need to get you through your busy day.

Have a read of our energizing morning routine that will give you positive energy in starting the day right.

Wake up and hydrate.

As soon as you’re up, get to the water. Drink at least 300ml of water, preferably 500ml. Half a lemon squeezed into warm water, hydrates the body, wakes up the digestion and metabolism, helps keep the body alkaline and supports the immune system, and you’ll feel the difference right away.

Nourish Your Body Right Away.

Start your day with a healthy breakfast. Have an alkaline green juice, an energizing green tea or green smoothie to start and then have a breakfast that is nutrient-rich, alkaline and YUMMY. Try having rolled oats with kefir, almond milk, toasted coconut, raw honey, with nuts and fruit, or a full veggie breakfast.

Get some morning sun and relax.

With a cup of organic coffee or herbal tea in your hands, with lovely music in the background, sit down outside and feel the warming first rays of the morning sunshine on your face and body. A regular dose of rays boosts vitamin D levels, and exposure to the early morning sun is vital to having a night of healthy sleep. We find that this relaxes my time is important to relieve any stress. Writing your ideas, thoughts, affirmations, and goals in a journal also help to clear your thinking and give you more focus, clarity and a powerful reminder that will keep yourself on the right track.

Move your body – Have a quick walk, do some stretches or yoga.

Take a short 20-minute brisk walk or a bike ride, and if you are really lucky to take a walk in nature, a walk on the beach or at the local park with the trees and flowers. Spending time in nature is grounding and therapeutic, feeling the energy of the earth is so healing on so many levels. Exercise helps to balance your mood and decreases feelings of stress. Find a gentle form of exercise that you really enjoy and make it a regular treat.

Breathe, visualize or just open your mind to some positive affirmations.

There really is nothing like starting your day with love, devotion, and gratitude in your heart and turning into yourself and clearing limiting beliefs. There are a number of practices such as affirmation, breath work, and visualization which you can incorporate into your morning to help promote a calmer, more peaceful state. Research and try out a variety of techniques to see which ones might be most beneficial for you.

Stillness and being in the present.

Meditation practice allows us to gain deep insights from within and is effective in clearing all the gunk, it reminds us of our purpose and it brings joy to our hearts. Try to find that space of stillness, the sound of silence, the simple act of just being calm, into the present and connecting into the NOW. This daily ritual is energizing and rejuvenating. You come away feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world.

So it is crucial to start off your day beautifully.

Close your eyes and think about all the things that you are grateful for. Have a few morning affirmations that clear any emotional and negative thoughts. Visualize your most important goals as if they’re already done, and in as much detail as possible. Think about yourself in the most positive way. Focus on the things about yourself you like the least and tell yourself that they are great. Just focusing on how much you love and believe in yourself is powerful.

Enjoy these morning rituals and let us know how you go!

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